The Best Healing Gear and Other Shennanigans

First off, I don’t think feed readers are picking up my posts, again.  I have no idea why.  So, in case you missed it …


Now that we got that out of the way, real life ate me for a while, but it thankfully spit me back out.  Thanks for the million and twelve e-mails.  No, I didn’t die.  No, I didn’t decide to frolic in Azeroth without you.  Real life happens sometimes.  It can’t be avoided.

I just finished making my holy priest gear list.  Next up will be a disc priest gear list, followed by an analysis of trinkets, set bonuses, gems, enchants, and other goodies.  Oh my!  Perhaps I’ll finally even update my priest guide?  One can dream!

Good times are ahead.

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  1. Really great and very informative. As usual. Thanks!

  2. Another great post, looking forward to the trinket analysis.

  3. Really great list. I like that you took the pre-wotlk gear into account too. I refrenced your old list a lot, but I like the way you organized this one better. As for when you post things like this, it doesn’t really matter to me, I’m just glad that you do because I’m too lazy to make a list myself :)

  4. Picked up fine in my reader. Thanks for doing another great list – it is such a great reference!

  5. My reader picked it up instantly (using Firefox 3.0′s RSS Feed)

  6. I just wanted to thank you again for all the work you put in this. Don’t let people get to you, you are… after all, a volunteer! :)

    Thumbs up!

  7. Great write up. Refered my shadowpriest brothers to this list.


  8. Come baaaaaaaack!

  9. Trinket list plzzzzz?

  10. Anyone else getting worried? Where did she go :’( I check every day, but nothing.

  11. Yes, come back fellow priest :)

  12. Yes, please come back! i was looking forward to seeing what you came up with for best pve disc gear!

  13. You are missed… With the CoH cooldown comming up will some of the stat weights change? Also looking forward to a disc list cause that will be my 2nd specc when they add dualspecc.

    Merry X-mas

  14. We need you! :)

  15. Thanks for all your input and help. This kinda of stuff is very time consuming. All your work has been Awesome.

  16. Missing you lots!

    I hope you had a nice X-mas. Come back soon when life isn’t so hectic!


  17. [...] much smarter than I am who can help work this stuff out, in this case namely the clever person at A Dwarf Priest. I took their stat weights, and put them into the mod Pawn. Now when I look at the tooltip for gear [...]

    Come back soon! Us priesties need ya!

  19. I fear our priestly guidance shall not return!

  20. No way!
    I believe in her.
    *nods hard*

  21. She’ll be back… its hard to blog during the holidays. I know I struggled for a week or so during the holidays on my wow blog. Don’t fret.

  22. I’m worried that something has happened :(

    You’d think she’d drop by with a hello otherwise.

    I hope all is well Dwarfpriest :)

    come back!!

  23. Thank you very much for all the hard work you put it to support your fellow priests. I rely heavily on your advice and am hoping you will be back soon. All the best!

  24. I just wanted to say thank you for this priceless information. The gear listing for holy priests has helped out so much I cannot express how terrific it has been to use as a reference point. Keep up the good work and thanks so much again for the hard work and effort it took.

  25. I miss you Miss DwarfPriest, I hope for an update soon.

  26. Plz come back to us! now more than ever we need your guidance with the coh nerf!!

  27. I hope all is well, let us know you’re ok.

  28. Hope all is well with you IRL. A quick comment to say that you are alive and well will put a lot of your readers’ minds at rest.

  29. Yes, come back to us!

  30. Thanks for your posts again!

    Good luck my friend!

  31. The dude must have passed away. Rest in peace little dude.

  32. Thank you for all the great info. I hope that you’re OK and, if circumstances allow, that you’ll come back. :D

  33. MK, come back! We need your insight about the priest and mana regen changes coming in 3.1!

  34. Maybe the blogger has finally stopped playing a shadow priest, since Blizzard has demonstrated YET AGAIN that they don’t understand anything about the class (buffed spriests vs casters rather than melee). After more than an ENTIRE expansion of Blizzard demonstrating a lack of caring and knowledge about the spec, I don’t blame the dwarf priest. :s

  35. oh god they’ve come for our spirit now that coh has been raped, come back to guide us in the priestly ways

    This is the Dwarf Priests new blog. Would have been good if he had made a post here directing people there.

    Least he is alive.

  37. Why do you think that the author of reztheweak is DP?

    Something tells me someone is trying to plug their blog…

  38. That’s not the same blogger, that’s why there’s no link to it.

    But come back soon Dwarf Priest, hope all is well.

  39. is a different person. It’s me. I’ve been a fan of DP for along time but I wanted to focus mainly on disc priest. I use wordpress for another blog of mine and most of the layouts for wordpress aren’t all that. I like this one because its simple and concise. I used DPs values for the discipline gear list though (which is noted). I’m not trying to replace DP, just add to the wealth of information available. I hope DP is okay and comes back soon.

  40. Hi again

    Sorry for any confusion – with the Disc-based Healing Gear BIS article and the very similar layout I presumed it was the same blogger with a new blog. However, the writing style is very different so yeah sorry for any confusion.

  41. I heard he died in a car accident in January. Rest in peace, Dwarf Priest.

  42. Still checking back every day :D
    Missing your guidance, and hoping you’ll be back for 3.1!

    Unless you’re really dead..
    She can’t be.. right? RIGHT?

  43. Lots of comments here saying how “he is dead” but if they can’t even get Dwarf Priest’s gender right I don’t really buy the rest of their information.

    Hopefully you are well and just unwilling or unable to post.

    Either way you are sorely missed.

  44. Let’s hope she’s well and actually just got caught up in RL (not a bad reason!), however I do miss her great posts. I feel like an orphan!! (jk)

  45. Your blog and priestly insight are fantastic and I check back every week to see if you are back. Maybe you can start accepting annual subscription donations to make it worth your time to crunch all those numbers and maintain this blog!

    Hope you are doing okay. Best of luck with everything.

  46. I’m not a priest, but I am a healer – I’m the barky kind =D

    Just found your site, and I love it.

    Can’t wait for that trinket list, either.

  47. I did the math to update the stat weights for 3.1

    int is down 0.3879 due to less mana regen OOFSR
    spirit is down 0.0705 due to less mana regen OOFSR

    Deep Holy Stat Weights:
    Spellpower 0.60
    Spirit 0.47
    Intellect 0.70
    Crit 0.15
    Haste 0.40
    MP5 1.00

  48. Not sure if those stat weights are correct. By reducing int and spirit, you’re also reducing mana regeneration I5SR, which is actually buffed (by up to 50%, depending on crit). Since the I5SR buff depends on int, you might actually want more int. And since spirit becomes more like raw MP5 (1 spirit = 0.29 MP5 initially, becoming higher as int increases) it might eventually need a higher weight. Crit should become more important: the more often you crit, the more often your mana regeneration will increase while casting.

    Initially spirit might need to be reduced slightly, but not significantly. I doubt I’d touch int. Crit should be slightly higher. Because of the cooldown on CoH, haste becomes less important.

    Feel free to point out mistakes in my reasoning. I did some modeling, but am still unsure about the best weights.

  49. At the above poster, I suggest you read up abit on 3.1 changes and theorycrafting in general before posting incorrect information.

    First of all haste has nothing to do with CoH cooldown at all. Secondly IFSR isnt buffed but is kept roughly the same.

    0,5 (ptr meditation) * 0,6 (40% spirit nerf) = 0,3
    0,3 (current meditation) * 1,0 (current spirit) = 0,3

    And regen from Spirit getting better from more Int doesnt have anything to do with it’s stat weight at all. It has always been like that. Fact is regen from spirit gets 40% nerfed, and therefore Meditation is buffed to keep IFSR regen the same.

    Intellect is already a better regen stat than Spirit with Replenishment up.

    About crit, its still important to achieve an as high as poosible HC uptime, but fact is that the HC is a huge nerf compared to the current one + IHC. Also, there will be diminishing returns on crit but I have to calculate the soft “cap” for that first. Haste will also benefit HC uptime so its alot more complicated than the old HC.

    • so have you actually calculated the soft cap for crit yet?

  50. As far as I see, my information was not incorrect, it was just poorly phrased. Also, are you implying that the stat weights posted by kitae are correct?

    To your first point:
    Haste used to reduce the global cooldown, thereby increasing the speed at which one could spam CoH. Since CoH has its own cooldown now, haste no longer affects it. Therefore haste is less important for CoH.

    To your second point:
    In my modeling I added the Holy Concentration buff to the Meditation buff, which means that I5SR is buffed that way. That other things were nerfed has little to do with the fact that this was buffed. I was unaware that Meditation was buffed, though, thank you for pointing that out, it explains some of the confusing values I saw in my data.

    “And regen from Spirit getting better from more Int doesnt have anything to do with it’s stat weight at all”:
    Yes, the formula didn’t change. Which is what I was trying to point out: spirit isn’t actually being nerfed at all: they just add a 0.6x the entire regeneration formula. This affects everything equally, not just spirit. And together with the increase in regeneration I5SR (from both Holy Concentration and Meditiation) this makes spirit very similar to MP5 in behavior (on average, there are large variations due to the randomness of criticals).

    I agree that intellect was a better stat than spirit, and will remain a better stat than spirit. Let me know what you find out regarding Holy Concentration. I ran extensive simulations myself but I need to get more PTR WWS data to make sure my model is correct.

  51. Well yes it was rather poorly phrased.

    I meant that haste itself isnt really getting less good just because CoH has a cooldown now. Haste is still the best way to increase HPS and also increases the new HC uptime theoretically.

    And yes if you add HC IFSR then the IFSR is indeed higher than before. Though at the end its still a huge nerf and thats what counts. The HC IFSR is not even close to what we got compared tp regen OOFSR plus free heals, which we will both miss next patch.

    About your approach to Spirit acting like mp5, you have a fair point there. Imo it’s pretty sad, but well we will have to do with it.

    EJ has some very nice calculations about the HC uptime and haste and crit affecting it. You should definetly read it.


    Btw, pretty sad that this site isnt being updated anymore for some time now. I prefered these stat weights above the ones from EJ.

  52. For the people that are still looking for a holy priest trinket list. Try mine on .
    It is roughly based of The Dwarf Priests opinions and stat weighings.
    But to be honest I’m still hoping she comes back.

  53. She is dead. I hate her. I believed in her all this time. She didn’t even say good bye or see you in another life. Why did she do such a thing. I hate you.

  54. Just droping by to say hello and that I miss your blog.
    Just give us some sign, please?


  55. The stat weights I posted above are correct I didn’t just modify the based on OOFSR changes do the math yourself if you like.

  56. As discussed before, with the changes to Meditation and Holy Concentration, the mana regeneration I5SR is no longer 30%, but can range from 50%-100% depending on crits. EJ mentions that on average it is about 75%, and tests that I did myself showed it to be between 68% and 74% with my current gear (15% crit, 1000 spirit, 1000 int), depending on my healing pattern. With this gear, excluding OO5SR benefits, assuming 74%:

    MP5 = 74% * 5 * 0.005575 * 0.6 * Spirit * Square_root ( Intellect )

    MP5 = 0.39 * spirit

    So 1 spirit equals 0.39 MP5 on average. This is 0.39 points in your weight system. For a holy priest, 1 spirit also gives at least 0.263 (with spiritual guidance and spirit of redemption) spellpower, which has a weight of 0.6 in your system. So 1 spirit should at least have a weight of (0.39 + 0.263*0.6) = 0.55.

    This is excluding any OO5SR benefits (Blizzard obviously doesn’t want people to go into OO5SR often anymore) and excluding any benefits from newer gear (higher intellect and crit will obviously increase the mana regeneration from spirit).

    As for haste, the Dwarf Priest herself uses a 0.35 weight for haste ( and that was when circle of healing didn’t have a cooldown. I’m not sure which change in patch 3.1 warrants moving it back up to 0.4.

    Clearly I may have made mistakes in this calculation, or I may have been unclear, and I welcome feedback. I too am looking for a proper set of weights, and might be on the wrong path here. I am in agreement with Obezag that regardless of how you look at it, we got nerfed with this change.

  57. Just 1 thing, I dont understand how you can have 100% I5SR. Meditation gives 50% and HC increases it to 75%, not 100%.
    Because 1,5*0,5=0,75.

    And about Haste weight, it had nothing to do with the cd on CoH.

    Also, HC uptime varies alot depending on the encounter so theorycrafting results aren’t always realistic.

  58. This article is outdated ¬¬

    It would be great to see new weights for patch 3.1

  59. I believe this site is no longer being updated. You can find a recent gear list with stat weights on BobTurkeys site.

  60. Please come back DP! We miss you so

  61. ahw. i miss this site!

    strange, right after he vanished from this site. the guy from also vanishes. i think theres a priest killer on the loose :D

  62. Not a he, it was a girl who used to write in this blog, anybody knows anything about her? she is been gone for so long :(

  63. Hey, I saddly remembered of my friends work on this site and wanted to take a look at it for the last time.
    Guess most of you here didn’t know what happend to her in december last year. Just before Christmas, when driving home to her parents she had an accident on the highway. Some crazy driver lost control of his wheels and rammed into her car at over 90 mph. She fell into a coma and on the 2nd of January she passed away under her parents eyes. She is missed by many people, and i sincerly consider her my dearest friend i ever had.
    Good bye, keep her memory alive.

  64. r.i.p.

  65. R.I.P.

  66. Kelly, thank you for bringing so many of us that sad news. I know I’m only one of many who return here frequently in hopes of seeing some new activity. We’d feared the worst, and sadly that seems to be the case here.

    My sympathies to you on the loss of your friend.

  67. Hey,
    That’s really sad , I’m playing priest for 3 years now and this site was like a bible to me.
    I will miss you a lot…..
    Hope you’re well wherever you are.


  68. Dear Kelly,

    I hope her family or friends will read these notes:

    Your loved one was a special person, dedicated, intelligent and funny. She was touched with the gift of being able to take dreary data and turn it into something I would read over and over, laughing as I did so.

    We mourn her passing, but I hope you will take heart in hearing how much she accomplished. Her work on this website was cited by the top experts as “the place to go”. Truly, if there is any justice she is sitting at her console, the youngest GM in Heaven.

    /salute to a dwarf priest

  69. Kelly,
    Every few weeks I’ve checked back here to see if she turned up. I assumed she died but had hoped that life had just eaten her up again as she had mentioned. I’m sorry to hear of her passing. She’ll be missed.

  70. so Kelly is a troll…
    : /

  71. As others have done before me, I’ve been working hard on best-in-slot gear lists of my own. Check it out if you’re interested.

    I hope this helps!

  72. Esdras, it looks good. Thank you for continuing the work!

    • Hey MK, how is it going? are you doing better now?

  73. [...] Dwarf Priest-The Best Healing Gear and Other Shennanigans [...]

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