100 Rules of Warcraft

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. However, I have been away from the game for some physical health reasons that prevent me from playing.  I am unsure if I will ever return.

This is my farewell post. It is a post I started over a year ago. I believe it shows the love I had and still have for the game.

~ The 100 Rules of Warcraft ~

This is a list of hyperbolically-stated truths making fun of everything from raid progression to roleplaying, to the players behind the characters, to the various classes, to quests, to game physics, to PvP … and more!

This post was inspired by the very famous Grand List of Console Roleplaying Game Cliches.

1. Law of FedEx Conservation
A quest sending you to deliver something will make you take it to either the NPC standing right next to you, or to an NPC on the complete other side of the world/zone.

2. Bonus Racial Ability: Rabbit-Like … Reflexes?
95% of the children encountered in the game will be human.

3. The Notoriety Penalty
If it has a name, kill it.  It must drop something good.

4. The Fecal Inevitability
At one point or another, you will find yourself sifting through poop.

5. The Bubble-Hearth Housing Market
The population of any major city is listed as being in the hundreds of thousands, but you can only find 12 actual houses or homes in it.

6. The Limited Vacancy Rule
While houses do exist, no one ever appears to live in them.  Inns exist as well, but their rooms are always vacant.

7. The Limited Vacancy Exception (The Menage-a-Many Rule)
On Roleplaying servers, the beds of inns happen to be the most densely populated regions in the game.

8. I Got My Degree Online!
For 10 copper, you have the smarts to learn engineering.

9. The Clone Army Constant
No matter how many times you kill that raid boss, he will be back next week.

10. The Life Insurance Assurance
No matter how many times you die, you come right back.

11. The Continuum of the Traveling Pants
The gear will always fit.

12. The Pick-Pocketer Problem
Some creatures have pockets, and you do not want to know where.

13. The  Survival of the Fittest
You have to kill 16 zherva to find 4 hooves, 12 murlocs to find 7 eyes, 57 bears to find one with a brain.

14. The Gnomish World Enlargement Axiom
The more epic the zone, the shorter you are in relation its architecture, topology, and animal life.

15. The Sentient Machine Postulate
Zeppelins and other machines can power and run themselves.

16. The Hypocrisy of Avian Travel
The windrider will not know how to get there, unless you do, but it flies itself.

17. The Deja Vu Constant of Deja Vu
NPCs will always say the same thing, no matter how many times you speak to them.

18. The “I’m not even supposed to be here today…” Principle
The same NPC has been selling bread in Ironforge for 1,383 days straight, in back-to-back shifts, without a break.

19. The Menopausal Immunity (“Is it hot in here, or is it just me?”)
The heat from lava will always damage you, but the cold of ice/snow never will.

20. The Hippie Principle of Time Dilation
You can skin an entire beast about 3 times faster than it takes you to pick up a flower from the ground.

21. It’s Made of Magnets!
No matter how little the female’s plate armor covers her body, it protects as well as the male’s.

22. World of Mesomorph-Craft
No matter which class you choose to play, all characters of that race/gender combination have the same amount of muscle mass.

23. The “I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts!” Constant
No one cares if you walk right through them.

24. The Procrastinators’ Creed
It doesn’t matter how desperately the dying child needs the medicine to live.  Unless there is a ticking clock on your screen, you can take as long as you want to get it to her.

25. The Münchhausen Rule
After giving an NPC an antidote , they remain hunched over, waiting to be saved by someone else.

26. Game Character Physiology 101 (“I Eat Danger for Breakfast“)
You will never need to eat or drink to live.

27. Game Character Physiology 102 (“I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”)
No one needs sleep to live.

28. Game Character Physiology 103 (“Killing Keeps Me Young”)
No one ever gets older.

29. The Hunter Postulate
No matter how much an animal wants to crunch your face off, if you wave your hands in front of it for 20 seconds and give it some food, it can become your best friend.

30. The Priest Postulate
No matter the race or gender of the priest, they all become a human female as a spirit (of redemption).

31. The Rogue Postulate
You could be carrying 50 pounds of weapons, be wearing gear that glows red, have a giant flag mounted on your back, and still be able to sneak around in front of someone without them hearing or seeing you.

32. The Warlock Postulate
Nobody likes Warlocks, not even Warlocks.

33. The Paladin Contradiction
In the amount of time it takes you to kill one mob, you could have killed 11 mobs faster.

34. The Casters’ Comfort Zone
Much is said about the infiniteness and vastness of magic, but casters only seem to cast the same four or five spells over and over again.

35. The Law of Critters
Bears can be any level of fierce, but cows will always be one shotable.

36. Murphy’s Law of Upgrades
You can spend countless runs finding a better weapon, only to upgrade it with badge gear a week later.

37. Smurfette’s Law
Some races must procreate by who-knows-how (no female ogres).

38. The Requisite Prerequisite
If you have to clear 20 boars to get to a questgiver, he will give you a quest to kill another 20 boars.

39. The Wile E. Coyote Rule
The platform will fall a moment before you step onto it, plummeting you to the ground.

40. The Transgender Inequality
Only 1 in 100 male characters are played by female players, but half of the female characters are played by males.

41. The Futility of Genocide
No matter how many of a species or its eggs you destroy, its overall population is never permanently affected.

42.  Social Engineering Superiority
You could make a better living by signing guild charters at level 1 than by leveling a crafting profession.

43. The Lady Prestor Rule
Most human NPCs are either really dumb or have some kind of amnesia.

44. The Fixed Brain Capacity Principle
You can learn every profession, but can only remember two at a time.

45. Size Doesn’t Matter
A small ring takes up as much space in your bag as the head of a dragon does.

46. The Ultima BFG Axiom
No matter how big the gun gets, there will always be a bigger one later.

47. Path of Greatest Resistance
An injured peasant being escorted to safety will attempt to go make friends with any hostile NPC in the area waiting to bring it harm.

48. The “I’m Pretty” Rule of RP Servers
Player-created characters will all have the same few “pretty” faces.

49. The “I’m Special” Rule of RP Servers
The majority of players who write their own RP profiles will either be: 1) Part god, 2) Part dragon, 3) Hybrid of 2 or more races that just don’t work, or 4) Royalty.  And will likely be all of the aforementioned.

50.  The “Look at Me!” Rule of RP Servers
On RP servers, everyone had a cool scar that you should ask them about.

51. Plainsrunning, My Ass!
Despite being 5x the size of gnomes, Tauren can move no faster.

52. The First Law of Raid Zerging Conservation
If you get enough people together, you can slay a god, but cannot bash in a door with a lock on it.

53. The Second Law of Raid Zerging Conservation
In order to slay a god, you can’t just bring more warriors with big swords.  You have to bring some players in stupid-looking dresses, too.

54.  The IKEA Principle
It doesn’t matter how legendary the weapon is, at least 83 other players on your server also have it.

55. Amnesiac Book Axiom
The log you keep of your quests doesn’t actually log what you have accomplished.  It will only ever tell you what you are trying to do at the moment.

56. The Universal Learner’s Permit
You use the same kind of skill to ride a raptor, as you do to ride a felstead, as you would to ride a kodo, as you do to ride a motorcycle, etc.

57. The Civil Engineers’ Dilemma (“I”m a Builder not a Fighter!”)
NPCs are able to set up towns in the most desolate of locations, but cannot fend it off from simple boars.

58. One Good Deed Deserves Twelve More
NPCs reward you for saving their life or the life of a loved one by asking you to kill another 20 boars for them, then to bring something to the other side of the world for them.  And all for just 17 silver.

59. Nesingwary’s Principle
The greener the zone, the more grinding quests there are.

60. The Bigger is Better Rule
The larger your shoulder armor, the more epic the gear.

61. The Bigger is Better Exception (The Smaller is Better Rule)
The skimpier the plate on females, more epic the armor.

62. The Economic Stimulus Theory
Shopkeepers will have unlimited means in which to buy partially digested meat and troll sweat off of you, but unsurprisingly, no one ever wants to buy their bread.

63. Law of Selective Sight (The General Drakkisath Rule)
NPCs don’t care if you noisily kill their friends a few yards away, right in front of them.

64. The First Rule of Adventuring
You can kill hundreds of thousands of beings and still be the good guy, even if half of them were dumb animals that weren’t even going to hurt you anyways.

65.  The Second Rule of Adventuring
It’s doesn’t matter how intimidating you look; friendly NPCs won’t think twice of you wandering through their town (even if your sword is unsheathed and bigger than you are).

66. The Third Rule of Adventuring
You can be out to save the world from disaster, but NPCs will still charge you full price for goods.

67. Battleground Failure 101 (“Someone Call a Medic!“)
Only about 10% of any given battleground will be specced for healing, and half of them will be out-healed by a warrior with bandages.

68. Battleground Failure 102 (Too Many Rockstars)
No matter how good the advice is, if the battleground group isn’t a premade, no one will take it.

69. Battleground Failure 103 (Less QQ, More Pew Pew!)
The people who complain the most about other people in the battleground are the ones who are working the least toward the objective.

70. The Universal Language
Despite massive cultural differences and language barriers, all races have the same currency.  Even plainstriders.

71 Just a Tickle!
The largest, toughest, and strongest bosses will still be vulnerable to weapons 1/10,000th their size.

72. The Good Guy Contradiction
The Alliance, despite their pretty faces and good-guy facades, have intentions far more sinister than the motley Horde.

73. “It’s not Easy Being Green.”
No raid boss is as fearsome or persistent as a murloc with friends.

74.The First Rule of Trade Chat
You do not talk about trade in trade chat.

75. The Second Rule of Trade Chat
You do NOT talk about trade in trade chat.

76. The Third Rule of Trade Chat
You do complain about people not talking about trade in trade chat.

77. At Least I’ve Got Chicken
The only thing worse than a pugger with no title is a pugger whose only title is “Jenkins.”

78. The “At Least I’ve Got Chicken” Corollary
The Real Leeroy doesn’t need the title “Jenkins” after his name.

79. The First Swimmer’s Irony
Swimming fatigue has nothing to do with how long you have been swimming, just how far you are from the shore.

80. The Second Swimmer’s Irony
You can swim as fast wearing full plate armor as you can naked.

81. The Third Swimmer’s Irony
Armor never rusts or becomes damaged from swimming.

82. The Fourth Swimmer’s Irony
All pets can swim and breathe underwater. Indefinitely.  Even that white kitten.  And that orphan.

83. Oops, I Did it Again!
Most of what has gone wrong in the history of Azeroth has been caused by Night Elves (worgen, Ahn’Qiraj, Illidan, the first bringing of Sargeras, etc.)

84. The Treasure Hunter’s Fallacy
Just because it is in a chest, doesn’t mean it is going to be any good.

85. Law of Beverages
The milk is always ice cold and in a glass, despite how long it has been sitting in the baking hot sun and been toted around by a raptor.

86. The Auction House Assholerly Constant
Someone will always be trying to sell one piece of linen cloth for 16,578 gold.

87. The Auction House Assholery Constant Corollary
Someone will always be trying to sell stackable items in stacks of one, flooding the auction house with dozens of pages of said single items.

88. The Columbus Conundrum
Though there are globes in game depicting a round Azeroth, you cannot travel west from Kalimdor to get to Eastern Kingdoms; you just fall off the world.  The world is, indeed, flat.

89. The Whimsy of the Babel Fish
Many NPCs can communicate in a language you understand, regardless of race, however you can only ever understand one.

90. The Bibliophile’s Nightmare
There are thousands of books in the world, but you can only read the same 20 over and over again.

91. The Law of Selective Appendage Augmentation
Haste will let you move your fingers or arms faster, but never your legs.  So you can fight, cast spells, unlock doors, and cook things quicker, but cannot run any faster.

92. The Law of Maximum Occupancy (or The Dungeon Weight Limit Rule)
For some reason, you can only get those 25 people into the raid instance before no more can get through the door, despite there being plenty of space inside.

93. The Infallibly of Time Travel
If you travel back in time and mess things up, the present won’t change.

94. The Inequity of Motion
There are hundreds upon hundreds of ways of murdering a foe, but only about twenty different dance moves.

95. The Law of Persistent Vengeance (Sisyphus’s Rule)
No matter how many times their plots are foiled, the bad dudes just keep trying the same things again and again.

96. The Law of Retroactive Tradition
New holidays will be periodically introduced to the game and will have immediate traditions, because haven’t we always celebrated them?

97. The Catastrophic Constant
Someone is always trying to take over and/or destroy the world. If that person is ever defeated, then someone else immediately takes that person’s place.

98. Something’s Fishy
There have been more patch notes about clams than there have been about all the legendary weapons combined.

99. Boredom’s Dilemma
You will never feel a stronger need to try to kill things than when you have rez sickness.

100. The Law of Infinite Entertainment
You can never win the game. That will never stop you from trying.

Got any to add?  Comment!

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  1. take care!

  2. Thanks for maintaining a fun blog to read. I hope your health issues will resolve itself quickly.

  3. It’s good to hear from you, even if it is a farewell. The game hasn’t been the same without your voice and insight. Thanks for everything you’ve contributed. (Personally, you inspired me to raid, to be the best Priest on my server, and finally to dial back the intensity… I somehow managed to always try to be like you.)

    Take care of yourself, M.

  4. You were the biggest inspiration for a lot of us out there, and I’m both glad you’re doing what’s best for you and saddened that what’s best doesn’t include continuing to share your smarts and know-how.

    You have been, and will continue to be, missed.

  5. Great list, you’ll be missed, all the best!

  6. Thanks for all of your work. Have a great life.

  7. Number 5 is alive!

  8. Thanks for the help, I have rolled a priest thanks to your info and love playing her. Take care and get well.

  9. I’ll be sad to see you go, even though you’ve not been around for a while – I always enjoyed your posts a lot.

    Take care and many /hugs

  10. Take care – good luck – and thank you.

  11. The Hunter’s Constant: Every weapon can be a hunter weapon.

  12. It is both good to hear from you and saddening to see you ‘officially’ go.

  13. I’m sorry your health has taken a turn for the worse, I hope it improves soon, significantly, and perminatly. Best of luck.

  14. <3

  15. Its good to hear from you, sorry to hear its for a farewell- thank you for all that youve contributed, you were my first priestcraft website and my absolute favorite. Thank you for helping me learn and love my class. <3

  16. You have been an inspiration and HUGE help in making the priest that I am today. I hope everything works out for you. You will be missed by the priest community.

  17. Thankyou for clearing up the speculation: Hope you know very well that you are missed and we wish you a speedy recovery – at the very least so you can go back to playing what you love.

  18. I had read the death rumor the day before you posted this and I am glad to see that is certainly not the case.

    I really enjoyed reading your blog – it was very useful to me when I was learning to heal raids on my priest. I am sorry to see that this blog will be gone for good.

    Good luck with all future endeavors!

  19. Great List, Good luck, Take care!

  20. I’m also happy to see you’re still around and hope your health improves…I’ve missed your entertaining and informative dialogue about priestly things and have checked back regularly to see if you’d reappeared, glad you’re there!

    Maybe kneecaps will come into fashion again…I’ve enjoyed sharing your love for the game ;)

  21. All the best to you and thanks for everything you’ve done with the blog, WoW blogosphere will miss you :)

  22. I have loved your blog. Good luck, and thx!!!!

  23. You have been and will be greatly missed. I hope all goes well for you and your recovery. Thank you for all your great work, and thank you for saying goodbye.

    Epic list


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  26. You were the one who showed me what a gear list was… now I make my own, but still – it all started here. :)

    Good luck!

  27. Sorry to see you go but glad to know you’re still around. Hope you get better really soon and permanently. And a big Thank You! for all the love and dedication you put forth that helped me become a better priest.
    Fare thee well.

  28. Farewell, Dwarf Priest! We will miss you as we have missed you since your mysterious disappearance so many moons ago. You’ve inspired so many (including me) to embrace Priest healing and to enjoy it so very much as well as the game on a whole. Best of luck for you and yours!


  29. You were the first WoW blog I ever read and my favorite from the start. You helped me get started on the path of the light. I sincerely hope that you are able to resolve your health issues. You have my very best wishes!

  30. [...] MK @ Dwarfpriest posted after about 12 months of silence.  For those who don’t know MK wrote some of the best priest posts of 2008, especially around the 3.0.2 patch and Wrath.  S/he has been unable to play due to health issues, which many of us are sorry to hear.  Don’t make an idiot of yourself like I did and read the post before you comment.  Sorry MK I realise my comment was a bit tactless. No Stock UI has an excellent post about moving from Fubar to DataBroker.  I made this move about 6 months ago and i’d never go back.  The post has some decent plug-ins for your favorite data broker (I use Fortress myself). [...]

  31. Thank you greatly for all the precious info you’ve supplied us priests. It has been invaluable and to this day I’ve still been learning from you. You will be missed, I wish you godspeed in life. Take care =)

  32. [...] back one last time to say goodbye.  Dwarf Priest has left us with a very amusing last hooray with 100 rules of Warcraft.  Little did I expect to get a response from the priest herself,  but I am glad that her [...]

  33. Best wishes IRL. I can’t thank you enough for the guidance provided as I was learning the ways of the Priest. Your insight helped me understand and made playing more enjoyable.

    Again, best of luck and thank you!!

  34. I was wondering what had happened to you – I used to really enjoy your posts and this one is as brilliant as usual.

    I hope that your health improves!

  35. we’ll miss you! <3

  36. A most excellent post fer ta go out on – extremely entertaining, and I’s glad ya tooks the time ta share it with us.

    I wish you all the bests with health issues, and I truly hope you is able to find yer funs, even if you cain’t be with us here in Azeroth. Is missing you, always.

  37. You have been a great blogger and your posts will be missed from the blogosphere.

    Hope you get better soon and feel the draw back to the game and blog :)

    Great post to go out on.

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  39. [...] MK @ Dwarfpriest posted after about 12 months of silence.  For those who don’t know MK wrote some of the best priest posts of 2008, especially around the 3.0.2 patch and Wrath.  S/he has been unable to play due to health issues, which many of us are sorry to hear.  Don’t make an idiot of yourself like I did and read the post before you comment.  Sorry MK I realise my comment was a bit tactless. No Stock UI has an excellent post about moving from Fubar to DataBroker.  I made this move about 6 months ago and i’d never go back.  The post has some decent plug-ins for your favorite data broker (I use Fortress myself). [...]

  40. Even though I finally stopped checking every day to see if you had returned, I continue to build my priestly education around that which you taught me, even to the extent of including you importantly in a guide I recently wrote for my guildies:


    (I link it here for you and not for self-promotion.) You instilled, you inspired, you taught, and we learned and we laughed and our in-game lives were/are better for you having been there.

    I wish you the best possible outcome health-wise, the (very) best life has to offer in all things, and will always hope to see your permanent return.

    Thanks for everything.
    Oddly Draka

  41. Farewell Dwarf Priest you will, and have been, missed. Thank you for your time and effort you are the best. Your Blog taught us all so much and picked us up to new levels. I hope that this, and the other, posts are able to pick you up just a bit too :) thank you for saying goodbye, fare well.

  42. M, I can only echo what others have said: I’ve missed you a LOT these past 10 months, and I want to thank you for the knowledge and insight you’ve provided not just to the priest community, but to the whole player base. I’m very glad to hear you’re doing better and I sincerely hope a full recovery is in your near future.

    And I can only hope that someday you’ll be back again, teaching the rest of us how to better do our WoW jobs. :)

    Best wishes, and Godspeed.

  43. First of all, I’m so glad u are not death! when I saw that comment saying u were that was hard to process, we never actually talked but I used to always read this blog so I guess I start to care about you like a friend. I hope u get healthy really soon, we will all miss you.
    You have inspired us all and taught us many things, have a great and long life.

  44. It’s great to hear you’re still out there, there’s a hole in the priest blogosphere that I doubt will ever be filled. Good luck with those health issues, I wish you all the best.

  45. While your racial choice is to be questioned, I always appreciated your insights, DP! It’s very good to hear from you and I wish you the very best possible outcome, no matter what path you take.


  46. I have missed you! Was a worry not seeing your wonderful posts. Very sorry to hear of your health problems and wish you all the best with the future. Look after you :-)

  47. Aw, great to see a post from you (and such an amusing one at that). I always loved your blog. :)

    Take care and visit us again when you can!


  48. It’s nice to know you’re still alive! Even though you haven’t posted in awhile I am so sad to see you going. Your posts have helped me many many many times in the past. You will be missed.

    Good luck and god bless!

  49. Yours was the 1st WoW blog I found and read when I started playing my priest a little over a year ago. Thanks for helping me get off on the right foot. Best of luck.

  50. Your gear lists and posts were the first resources that made me aspire to be a great priest, not just a mediocre one, and to really start thinking about the theory behind priest healing and gear choices. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having health problems, and hope that you’re able to make a recovery soon. Thank you for being a great priest resource, and for this final post, which made me laugh out loud at work. (Ooops.)

  51. Hate to see you go but you inspired me to finally get around to what I’ve been wanting to do for a while, updating your guide! I’ve included linkbacks as you requested as well. Take care and be well!

    Another Dwarf Priest Guide:


  52. Good luck! Was with you for a short time, but still learned some things from ya!

  53. Thank you, thank you for everything. I hope you get well and enjoy life.

  54. Thank you for all the great posts you made they’ve inspired me a ton. Take care!

    “100. The Law of Infinite Entertainment
    You can never win the game. That will never stop you from trying.” So true =)

  55. I Just want to say thanks I’ve learn a lot.
    Take care

  56. Thanks for the help. Good luck!

  57. Much respect for your insight and judgement. Thanks for the great work.

    And if by chance you start writing again, regardless the subject, give us a heads up! :)

    Best wishes

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  59. Hope you get better soon, I always loved your blog. It was most helpful when I was just starting raiding at the beginning of WotLK.

  60. Thanks guys alot of good reads.

  61. loved this blog back in a day, i wish u all the best and thanks for everything

  62. I just came back to the game after a 10 month leave while i was doing my duties for the army and just read your final post. Yours was the first wow website I ever bookmarked and I brought up your site almost daily. My prayers will be with you. Thank you for so wonderfully conveying our joys and tribulations through your web-site.

  63. Thank you so much for your contributions to the priestcraft community, you really managed to bring things together for so many of us who were trying to figure out what to do in the wake of the BC to Wrath changes. I’m glad to hear you’re taking care of yourself and hope you’re able to return at some point. I’ll be searching awhile yet before I can find a source I trust as much as dwarfpriest.

  64. not sure if this was mentioned:

    Although you can eat and drink non stop, there is only one place in the universe where you can relieve youself…and then its only once in your life time.

  65. Hey, you’re alive!!
    And here i went all out on the other post telling these guys about your sad demise. I hope you understand i had to tell them something so they will move on. The question was tearing up their souls everyday they visited the site just to see if you came up or not. Well, i only did what i thought it was necessary. Good luck with your new life now, you deserve it.

    Buh bye.

  66. Hi! I wish you well, and I hope you get better soon…

    but anyways…

    I was surfing the General Forums on Worldofwarcraft.com and came across this…


    Unless this is you, then somebody’s taking credit for your amazing work… I don’t have a account up for wow right now, and I’d appreciate it if the correct person gets credit for this Epic Post, So could somebody post this site on the thread… I’m nearing the point where I may actually pay the 15 bucks to be able to reference this, give credit where it’s due, so i’d appreciate it if somebody could post this site there…



  67. My account isn’t active right now, either. While regrettable that someone is out there publicizing my work without credit, I fear it is just part of the nature of the beast (the beast being the Internet). Oh well.

  68. I can’t thank you enough for your years of service. I must say, after your departure I felt lost for quite awhile. As many have before, I’ve attempted to create a community of my own. If you have time and you are interested, perhaps you could pay it a visit and let me know what you think.

    I’ve ported much of the content I found here, and I’ve been working hard to update each and every relevant post. I hope, at least in spirit, I have your seal of approval.

    Forever grateful.

    • Esdras, you have my seal of approval. I have put a link to your site on my Priest Guide page. Thank you for continuing the work! (Though, if you would be willing to credit me as “Mina” or “MK” instead of “Mameha,” it would be appreciated!)

    • Was wondering if I could help with updating the guide. I’ve started going thru the guide content again for 4.0.1 and its a hell of task to do solo. Can I maybe combine my efforts with this offical “blessed” version? I could even strip my old defunct blog “Another Dwarf Priest” into a mirrored version of the newer guide to help out the incoming Cata Priests. drop me a line and let me know!

  69. [...] 100 Rules of Warcraft I apologize for posting a WoW item, but much of this applies to other RPGs as well. If you’ve never played an RPG…skip this. [...]

  70. Consider it done!

    I hope life finds you in good health and spirits, I am thrilled to get a reply from you after so long.

    Thank you SO much for the link on this website; you have no idea how much your approval means to me. I now have a responsibility to the priest community, not one I take lightly.

    I’m off to continue editing, updating and learning. It’s become passionate hobby of mine, just as reading through articles on this website used to be.

    Take care MK, and again … thank you.

  71. MK, I know it has been said over and over again, but your site was the first and best when I went from a casual player to really caring about gear and such. Have a wonderful life and if you ever come back I will still have your blog subscribed.
    You have created a lot of joy in the WOW community and I hope that you find that same joy in RL. Thank you.

  72. I miss you and your site :) I hope you are well.

  73. I don’t know if you still read these comments but I found it in my old bookmarks and wanted to show my support too. This was my favorite blog and made playing a priest super fun. I hope you’re feeling better by now!

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