The Best Holy Priest Healing Gear

Last updated: 12/02/08.


This is a list of the best holy priest healing gear from Wrath of the Lich King.  It includes all gear obtainable from pre-TBC, TBC, and WotLK, and gear from all sources (BoE, crafted, raided, quested, PvP’d, etc.). For simplicity’s sake, DPS gear is not listed unless it is a set piece better than its healing counterpart.  Hit gear is not listed.

The items are scored according to their stats.  The higher the score, the better.  Anything within 2.5 points of something else is more a side-grade than an upgrade.

Item procs are taken into account.  Item set bonuses are listed at the end (and not added into the rankings individually).  Best gems are considered.

More information about the list can be found at the end of the post.



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Waist | Legs | Feet | Fingers
2H Weapon | 1H Weapon | Off-Hand | Ranged
| Set Bonuses

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  1. 230.66 – Hood of Rationality
    Eye of Eternity – Malygos (heroic)

  2. 229.28 – Cowl of Vanity
    Naxxramas – Grobbulus (heroic)
  3. 229.06 – Valorous Crown of Faith
    Naxxramas – Kel’Thuzad (heroic)
  4. 220.88 – Enamored Cowl
    Obsidian Sanctum – Sartharion
  5. 209.93 – Heroes’ Crown of Faith
    Naxxramas – Kel’Thuzad
  6. 199.32 – Cowl of Sheet Lightning
    Naxxramas – Thaddius
  7. 192.88 – Gothik’s Cowl
    Naxxramas – Gothik the Harvester
  8. 188.86 – Deadly Gladiator’s Mooncloth Hood
    ?? Arena Points (TBD)
  9. 188.30 – Cowl of Winged Fear
    Naxxramas – Sapphiron
  10. 184.56 – Crown of Unbridled Magic
    The Occulus – Cache of Eregos (heroic)
  11. 179.10 – Cowl of Innocent Delight
    Naxxramas – Loatheb (heroic)
  12. 179.00 – Forgotten Shadow Hood
    Caverns of Time: Old Stratholme – Salramm (heroic)
  13. 169.70 – Cowl of Light’s Purity
    Sunwell Plateau – Kil’Jaeden

  14. 169.55 – Visage Liquification Goggles
    Engineering BoP (400)
  15. 162.48 – Powerheal 9000 Lens
    Engineering BoP (350)
  16. 161.70 – Helm of Arcane Purity
    Sunwell Plateau – Kil’jaeden

  17. 157.02 – Savage Gladiator’s Mooncloth Hood
    12k Honor and 350 Arena Points or 45 Emblems of Heroism
  18. 154.99 – Hood of Absolution
    Caverns of Time: Hyjal – Archimonde

  19. 154.08 – Dark Conjuror’s Collar
    Sunwell Plateau – Kil’jaeden

  20. 148.50 – Cowl of Absolution
    Caverns of Time: Hyjal – Archimonde

  21. 141.66 – Cowl of Benevolence
    Black Temple – Teron Gorefiend
  22. 141.28 – Elder Headpiece
    Anh’Kahet – Elder Nadox (heroic)
  23. 141.26 – Cowl of the Avatar
    Serpentshrine Cavern – Lady Vashj

  24. 137.42 – Cowl of the Dire Troll
    Drak’Tharon Keep – Trollgore (heroic)
  25. 134.44 – Powerheal 4000 Lens
    Engineering BoP (350)

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  1. 112.97 – Lifebender’s Locket
    Eye of Eternity – Malygos (heroic) (from quest)
  2. 102.72 – Torque of the Red Dragonflight
    Eye of Eternity – Malygos (from quest)
  3. 98.62 – Chains of Adoration
    Naxxramas – [Noth, Patchwerk, Grand Widow Faerlina, Instructor Razuvious, or Anub'Rekhan] (heroic)
  4. 93.43 – Veiled Amulet of LIfe
    Naxxramas – Gothik the Harvester
  5. 92.63 – Necklace of the Glittering Chamber
    Eye of Eternity – Malygos
  6. 92.56 – Ousted Bead Necklace
    Naxxramas – Trash Mobs (heroic)
  7. 92.22 – Volitant Amulet
    Obsidian Sanctum – Sartharion
  8. 89.39 – Ceaseles Pity
    Naxxramas – Sapphiron
  9. 89.14 – Pendant of Lost Vocations
    Naxxramas – Maexxna
  10. 87.02 – Cosmic Lights
    Naxxramas – Sapphiron (heroic)
  11. 83.02 – Necromancer’s Amulet
    Caverns of Time: Old Stratholme – Salramm (heroic)
  12. 81.62 – Lattice Choker of Light
    25 Emblems of Heroism
  13. 81.58 – Deadly Gladiator’s Pendant of Deliverance
    47.4k honor points, 1600 personal and team arena rating
  14. 79.75 – Titanium Spellshock Necklace
    Jewelcrafting BoE
  15. 79.62 – Bone-Linked Amulet
    Naxxramas – Grobbulus
  16. 77.64 – Dragon Prow Amulet
    BoE World Drop
  17. 76.06 – Deadly Gladiator’s Pendant of Salvation
    47.4k honor points, 1600 personal and team arena rating
  18. 74.36 – Deadly Gladiator’s Pendant of Subjugation
    47.4k honor points, 1600 personal and team arena rating
  19. 69.58 – Chaotic Spiral Amulet
    Halls of Lightning – Lokan
  20. 69.16 – Amulet of Dazzling Light
    The Nexus – Anomalus (heroic)
  21. 69.00 – Amulet of the Crusade
    Icecrown quest
  22. 68.81 – Amulet of Flowing Life
    Jewelcrafting BoP (350)
  23. 67.84 – Timeless Beads of Eternos
    The Oculus – Drakos
  24. 67.16 – Hateful Gladiator’s Pendant of Salvation
    38k honor
  25. 66.38 – Zuarmat’s Necklace
    Violet Hold – Zuramat the Obliterator (heroic)

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  1. 108.24 – Cape of the Unworthy Wizard
    Naxxramas – Kel’Thuzad (heroic)
  2. 108.04 – Pennant Cloak
    Obsidian Sanctum – Sartharion (heroic)
  3. 101.45 – Disguise of the Kumiho
    25 Emblems of Valor
  4. 98.22 – Cloak of Kea Feathers
    25 Emblems of Valor
  5. 97.49 – Shawl of the Old Maid
    Naxxramas – [Grobbulus, Heigan, Maexxna, or Gothik] (heroic)
  6. 91.12 – Cloak of the Dying
    Naxxramas – Kel’Thuzad
  7. 90.64 – Cloak of the Averted Crisis
    Naxxramas – [Grobbulus, Heigan, Maexxna, or Gothik] (heroic)
  8. 86.32 – Shroud of Luminosity
    Naxxramas – [Grobbulus, Heigan, Maexxna, or Gothik] (heroic)
  9. 86.27 – Drape of Surgery
    Naxxramas – Patchwerk
  10. 85.62 – Reanimator’s Cloak
    BoE World Drop
  11. 83.56 – Dark Shroud of the Scourge
    Naxxramas – Noth
  12. 82.04 – Wispcloak
    BoE Tailoring
  13. 79.70 – Shroud of Moorabi
    Gundrak – Moorabi (heroic)
  14. 76.06 – Deadly Gladiator’s Cloak of Salvation
    47.4k honor points and 1750 personal and team arena rating
  15. 75.89 – Shroud of the Citadel
    Naxxramas – Sapphiron
  16. 74.36 – Deadly Gladiator’s Cloak of Subjugation
    47.4k honor points and 1750 personal and team arena rating
  17. 74.20 – Subterranean Waterfall Shroud
    Ahn’Kahet – Jedoga Shadowseeker (heroic)
  18. 71.52 – Hateful Gladiator’s Cloak of Deliverance
    38k honor
  19. 70.24 – Tattered Cloak of Antonidas
    Sunwell Plateau – Kil’Jaeden
  20. 67.16 – Hateful Gladiator’s Cloak of Salvation
    38k honor
  21. 66.76 – Ancient Dragon Spirit Cape
    The Oculus – Cache of Eregos (heroic)
  22. 62.68 – Shroud of Resurrection
    Utgarde Pinnacle – Gortok Palehoof
  23. 62.36 – Shroud of Dedicated Research
    Kirin Tor reputation – honored
  24. 60.40 – Deathchill Cloak
    BoE Tailoring
  25. 59.76 – Bloodbane Shroud
    Icecrown quest

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  1. 143.05 – Mantle of the Locusts
    Naxxramas – Heroic (Anub’rekhan)
  2. 139.54 – Mantle of Dissemination
    Eye of Eternity – Malygos (heroic)
  3. 137.24 – Valorous Shoulders of Faith
    Naxxramas – Loatheb (heroic)
  4. 122.66 – Heroes’ Shoulders of Faith
    Naxxramas – Loatheb
  5. 118.82 – Mantle of the Extensive Mind
    Naxxramas – Instructor Razuvious
  6. 117.48 – Sympathetic Amice
    Naxxramas – Grobbulus (heroic)
  7. 117.14 – Runecaster’s Mantle
    BoE World Drop
  8. 113.82 – Deadly Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle
    ?? Arena Points (TBD)
  9. 111.69 – Miasma Mantle
    Naxxramas – Grobbulus
  10. 104.38 – Dark Rune Mantle
    BoE World Drop
  11. 101.62 – Hateful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle
    30 Emblems of Valor
  12. 99.16 – Mantle of the Tribunal
    Halls of Stone – Brann Bronzebeard escort event
  13. 98.99 – Shawl of Wonderment
    Sunwell Plateau – Twin Eredars
  14. 98.12 – Amice of the Convoker
    Sunwell Plateau – Twin Eredars
  15. 95.46 – Mantle of Absolution
    Black Temple – Mother Shahraz

  16. 95.28 – Deadly Gladiator’s Satin Mantle
    ?? Arena Points (TBD)
  17. 93.14 – Silken Amice of the Ymirjar
    Utgarde Pinnacle – Skadi the Ruthless
  18. 93.14 – Mantle of Electrical Charges
    Halls of Lightning – General Bjarngrin
  19. 91.06 – Tattered Dreadmist Mantle
    40 Emblems of Heroism
  20. 90.76 – Mantle of the Intrepid Explorer
    Halls of Stone quest
  21. 89.82 – Savage Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle
    9.6k honor and 275 arena points or 30 Emblems of Heroism
  22. 87.87 – Wings of the Avatar
    Tempest Keep: The Eye – Void Reaver
  23. 86.07 – Duskweave Shoulders
    Tailoring BoE
  24. 85.42 – Hateful Gladiator’s Satin Mantle
    30 Emblems of Valor
  25. 82.64 – Mantle of the Avatar
    Tempest Keep: The Eye – Void Reaver

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  1. 201.50 – Sympathy
    Naxxramas – Sapphiron (heroic)
  2. 201.20 – Valorous Robes of Faith
    Naxxramas – Four Horsemen (heroic)
  3. 196.52 – The Sanctum’s Flowing Vestments
    Obsidian Sanctum – Sartharion (heroic)
  4. 194.58 – Blanketing Robes of Snow
    Eye of Eternity – Malygos (heroic)
  5. 193.66 – Robes of Mutation
    Naxxramas – Noth (heroic)
  6. 179.76 – Heroes’ Robes of Faith
    Naxxramas – Four Horsemen (heroic)
  7. 169.34 – Spellweave Robe
    Tailoring BoE
  8. 167.43 – Digested Silken Robes
    Naxxramas – Maexxna (heroic)
  9. 161.38 – Moonshroud Robe
    Tailoring BoE
  10. 157.12 – Robes of Hoarse Breaths (tied)
    Naxxramas – Noth
  11. 157.12 – Robes of Crackling Flames (tied)
    Kirin Tor Reputation (exalted)
  12. 152.74 – Deadly Gladiator’s Mooncloth Robe
    ?? Arena Points (TBD)
  13. 149.83 – Robes of Ghostly Hatred
    Sunwell Plateau – M’uru

  14. 149.35 – Drakewing Raiments
    The Oculus – Drakos the Interrogator (heroic)
  15. 147.56 – Robes of Faltered Light
    Sunwell Plateau – M’uru

  16. 144.48 – Egg Sac Robes
    Azjol-Nerub – Hadronox (heroic)
  17. 138.66 – Hateful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Robe
    45 Emblems of Valor
  18. 138.16 – Robe of Eternal Light
    Tailoring BoP (350)
  19. 135.29 – Fel Conqueror Raiments
    Sunwell Plateau – M’uru

  20. 134.56 – Sunfire Robe
    Tailoring BoP (350)
  21. 133.74 – Raiments of the Titans
    Halls of Lightning – Loken
  22. 131.72 – Vestments of Absolution
    Black Temple – Illidan

  23. 126.02 – Bauble-Woven Gown
    Utgarde Pinnacle quest
  24. 120.58 – Arcane Flame Alter-Garb
    Gundrak – Gal’darah
  25. 119.58 – Robes of Refrained Celebration
    Icecrown quest

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  1. 123.78 – Unsullied Cuffs
    Obsidian Sanctum – Sartharion (heroic)
  2. 105.43 – Punctilious Bindings
    Naxxramas – Grand Widow Faerlina (heroic)
  3. 104.30 – Bands of Impurity
    Naxxramas – Noth (heroic)
  4. 99.72 – Cuffs of the Shadow Ascendant
    60 Emblems of Valor
  5. 92.35 – Cuffs of Winged Levitation
    The Oculus – Cache of Eregos (heroic)
  6. 91.15 – Resurgent Phantom Bindings
    Naxxramas – Gothik the Harvester
  7. 88.57 – Bindings of Yearning
    BoE World Drop
  8. 84.76 – Ancestral Sinew Wristguards
    Wyrmrest Accord reputation (revered)
  9. 81.58 – Deadly Gladiator’s Cuffs of Salvation
    ?? Arena Points (TBD)
  10. 81.22 – Verdisa’s Cuffs of Dreaming
    The Oculus – Drakos the Interrogator
  11. 76.86 – Bracers of Absolution
    Sunwell Plateau – Twin Eredars

  12. 76.16 – Cuffs of the Trussed Hall
    Utgarde Pinnacle – Svala Sorrowgrave (heroic)
  13. 75.90 – Flame Sphere Bindings
    Ahn’Kahet – Prince Taldaram
  14. 74.01 – Cuffs of Absolution
    Sunwell Plateau – Twin Eredars

  15. 72.08 – Demonic Fabric Bands
    Caverns of Time: Old Stratholme – Mal’Ganis
  16. 71.52 – Hateful Gladiator’s Cuffs of Salvation
    15.8k honor
  17. 71.02 – Azure Cloth Bindings
    Violet Hold – Cyanigosa (heroic)
  18. 69.22 – Savage Wound Wrap
    Drak’Tharon Keep – King Dred (heroic)
  19. 66.76 – Deadly Gladiator’s Cuffs of Dominance
    ?? Arena Points (TBD)
  20. 65.75 – Cuffs of Gratitude
    The Oculus quest
  21. 64.32 – Bracers of Martyrdom
    Caverns of Time: Hyjal – Rage Winterchill

  22. 62.90 – Rune Giant Bindings
    BoE World Drop
  23. 62.36 – Cuffs of Devastation
    Caverns of Time: Hyjal – Rage Winterchill

  24. 60.88 – Black Duskweave Wristwraps
    BoE Tailoring
  25. 58.34 – Bindings of the Bastille
    BoE World Drop

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  1. 138.65 – Gloves of Token Respect
    BoE World Drop
  2. 130.39 – Valorous Gloves of Faith
    Obsidian Sanctum – Sartharion (heroic)
  3. 129.76 – Spellweave Gloves
    Tailoring BoE
  4. 122.90 – Gloves of Glistening Runes
    The Nexus – Keristrasza (heroic)
  5. 122.63 – Heroes’ Gloves of Faith
    Obsidian Sanctum – Sartharion
  6. 122.33 – Wraps of the Persecuted
    Naxxramas – Thaddius (heroic)
  7. 120.52 – Handgrips of Turmoil
    Naxxramas – Grobbulus
  8. 119.58 – Overlook Handguards
    Drak’Tharon Keep – Prophet Theron’ja (heroic)
  9. 119.52 – Moonshroud Gloves
    Tailoring BoE
  10. 111.38 – Gloves of Distorted Time
    Caverns of Time: Old Stratholme – Chrono-Lord Epoch
  11. 110.86 – Gloves of Tyri’s Power
    Sunwell Plateau – Kil’Jaeden
  12. 109.17 – Handguards of the Dawn
    Sunwell Plateau – Kil’Jaeden
  13. 106.42 – Deadly Gladiator’s Mooncloth Gloves
    ?? Arena Points (TBD)
  14. 105.86 – Sterile Flesh-Handling Gloves
    Knights of the Ebon Blade reputation (revered)
  15. 104.82 – Traditionally Dyed Handguards
    Halls of Lightning – General Bjarngrin
  16. 104.68 – Gloves of the Crystal Gardener
    The Nexus – Ormorok the Tree-Shaper
  17. 102.40 – Hands of Eternal Light
    Tailoring BoE
  18. 101.00 – Silken Bridge Handwraps
    Ahn’Kahet – Amanitar (heroic)
  19. 95.34 – Gloves of the Azure-Lord
    The Oculus – Varos Cloudstrider

  20. 94.78 – Deadly Gladiator’s Satin Gloves
    ?? Arena Points (TBD)
  21. 93.88 – Gloves of the Time Guardian
    Caverns of Time: Old Stratholme quest
  22. 93.14 – Muddied Crimson Gloves
    Frenzyheart Tribe reputation (revered)
  23. 91.15 – Sunfire Handwraps
    Tailoring BoE
  24. 90.86 – Light Blessed Mittens
    Tailoring BoE
  25. 90.32 – Giant-Hair Woven Gloves
    Halls of Lightning – Volkhan (heroic)

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  1. 153.82 – Leash of Heedless Magic
    Eye of Eternity – Malygos (heroic)
  2. 143.50 – Sash of Solitude
    Naxxramas – Patchwerk (heroic)
  3. 131.13 – Belt of False Dignity
    Naxxramas – Grand Widow Faerlina (heroic)
  4. 129.50 – Elegant Temple Gardens’ Girdle
    40 Emblems of Heroism
  5. 127.60 – Sash of Jordan
    BoE World Drop
  6. 123.30 – Agnonal Sash
    Naxxramas – Anub’rekhan
  7. 122.53 – Sash of the Parlor
    Naxxramas – Anub’rekhan (heroic)
  8. 112.66 – Deadly Gladiator’s Cord of Salvation
    ?? Arena Points (TBD)
  9. 111.06 – Sash of Mortal Desire
    Naxxramas – Grand Widow Faerlina
  10. 104.14 – Sash of Phantasmal Images
    The Oculus – Mage-Lord Urom (heroic)
  11. 102.45 – Belt of Dark Mending
    Knights of the Ebon Blade reputation (exalted)
  12. 100.46 – Hateful Gladiator’s Cord of Salvation
    24.8k honor points
  13. 96.86 – Living Mojo Belt
    Gundrak – Drakkari Colossus (heroic)
  14. 96.28 – Deadly Gladiator’s Cord of Dominance
    ?? Arena Points (TBD)
  15. 96.18 – Belt of Absolution
    Sunwell Plateau – Brutallus

  16. 93.68 – Sash of the Servant
    Azjol-Nerub – Anub’arak (heroic)
  17. 90.92 – Fishy Cinch
    The Oracles reputation (revered)
  18. 87.84 – Belt of Divine Guidance
    Black Temple – Illidari Council

  19. 85.01 – Shimmerthread Girdle
    BoE World Drop
  20. 83.94 – Belt of the Long Road
    Tailoring BoE
  21. 83.62 – Anetheron’s Noose
    Caverns of Time: Hyjal – Anetheron
  22. 82.96 – Cord of Troll Braided Hair
    Zul’Aman timed event

  23. 80.52 – Bridenbrad’s Sash
    Icecrown quest
  24. 79.00 – Deep Frozen Cord
    Tailoring BoE
  25. 78.88 – Alystros’s Plume Cinch
    Dragonblight quest

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  1. 207.09 – Leggings of Mortal Arrogance
    Naxxramas – Kel’Thuzad (heroic)
  2. 192.70 – Valorous Leggings of Faith
    Naxxramas – Thaddius (heroic)
  3. 186.96 – Distorted Limbs
    Naxxramas – Maexxna (heroic)
  4. 183.07 – Leggings of Sapphiron
    Naxxramas – Sapphiron
  5. 174.61 – Heroes’ Leggings of Faith
    Naxxramas – Thaddius
  6. 163.74 – Leggings of the Instructor
    Naxxramas – Instructor Razuvious
  7. 156.14 – Breeches of the Caller
    Utgarde Keep – Ingvar the Plunderer (heroic)
  8. 155.54 – Deadly Gladiator’s Mooncloth Leggings
    ?? Arena Points (TBD)
  9. 148.72 – Skirt of the Old Kingdom
    Ahn’Kahet – Herald Volazj (heroic)
  10. 144.64 – Pantaloons of Growing Strife
    Sunwell Plateau – Kalecgos

  11. 140.86 – Hateful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Leggings
    45 Emblems of Valor
  12. 140.38 – Opposed Stasis Leggings
    The Nexus – Commander Stoutbeard (heroic)
  13. 140.38 – Cyanigosa’s Leggings
    The Violet Hold – Cyanigosa (heroic)
  14. 140.03 – Pantaloons of Calming Strife
    Sunwell Plateau – Kalecgos

  15. 133.09 – Leggings of Calamity
    Sunwell Plateau – Brutallus

  16. 131.90 – Leggings of the Ruins Dweller
    Gundrak – Eck the Ferocious (heroic)
  17. 126.94 – Ring-Lord’s Leggings
    BoE World Drop
  18. 126.67 – Woven Bracae Leggings
    Halls of Lightning – Loken (heroic)
  19. 125.79 – Sorrowgrave’s Breeches
    Utgarde Pinnacle – Svala Sorrowgrave (heroic)
  20. 123.92 – Leggings of Eternity
    Caverns of Time: Hyjal – Archimonde

  21. 123.70 – Savage Gladiator’s Mooncloth Leggings
    12k Honor and 350 Arena Points or 45 Emblems of Heroism
  22. 118.78 – Leggings of Burning Gleam
    Halls of Stone – Krystallus
  23. 115.68 – Adorned Supernal Legwraps
    100 Badges of Justice

  24. 115.65 – Trousers of the Arakkoa
    The Violet Hold – Erekem
  25. 114.32 – Trousers of the Astromancer
    Tempest Keep: The Eye – High Astromancer Solarian

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  1. 147.95 – Boots of Forlorn Wishes
    Naxxramas – Gluth (heroic)
  2. 147.46 – Arcanic Tramplers
    Eye of Eternity – Malygos (heroic)
  3. 137.23 – Slippers of the Holy Light
    40 Emblems of Valor
  4. 134.15 – Boots of Persuasion
    Naxxramas – Patchwerk (heroic)
  5. 123.03 – Saltarello Shoes
    Naxxramas – Heigan
  6. 122.33 – Serene Echoes
    Naxxramas – Heigan (heroic)
  7. 116.81 – Sandals of Crimson Fury
    Wyrmrest Accord reputation (exalted)
  8. 116.44 – Footwraps of Teleportation
    The Violet Hold – Xevozz
  9. 111.66 – Deadly Gladiator’s Treads of Salvation
    ?? Arena Points (TBD)
  10. 110.32 – Sullen Cloth Boots
    Naxxramas – Patchwerk
  11. 102.51 – Cleric’s Linen Shoes
    The Nexus – Commander Stoutbeard (heroic)
  12. 99.46 – Hateful Gladiator’s Slippers of Salvation
    24.8k honor
  13. 98.51 – Boots of Absolution
    Sunwell Plateau – Felmyst

  14. 95.28 – Deadly Gladiator’s Treads of Dominance
    ?? Arena Points (TBD)
  15. 93.14 – Aurora Slippers
    BoE Tailoring
  16. 87.83 – Stone-Worn Footwraps
    Azjol-Nerub – Krik’thir (heroic)
  17. 85.42 – Hateful Gladiator’s Slippers of Dominance
    24.8k honor
  18. 84.50 – The Conjurer’s Slippers
    The Oculus – Mage-Lord Urom
  19. 83.79 – Slippers of the Seacaller
    Black Temple – High Warlord Naj’entus

  20. 83.52 – Boots of the Divine Light
    Black Temple – trash mobs

  21. 83.11 – Fur-lined Moccasins
    Gundrak quest
  22. 82.08 – Soul-Strider Boots
    Serpentshrine Cavern – Fathom-Lord Karathress

  23. 82.00 – Two-toed Sandals
    Zul’Aman – Zul’jin

  24. 81.91 – Slithering Sandals
    Gundrak – Slad’ran (heroic)
  25. 80.14 – Slippers of Dutiful Mending
    75 Badges of Justice

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  1. 101.67 – Band of Channeled Magic
    25 Emblems of Valor
  2. 100.16 – Signet of Manifested Pain
    Naxxramas – Kel’Thuzad (heroic)
  3. 97.45 – Ring of Decaying Beauty
    Naxxramas – Sapphiron (heroic)
  4. 97.00 – Wyrmrest Band
    Obsidian Sanctum – Sartharion
  5. 93.40 – Lost Jewel
    Naxxramas – [Noth, Patchwerk, Anub'Rekhan, Grand Widow Faerlina, or Instructor Razuvious] (heroic)
  6. 92.12 – Seized Beauty
    Naxxramas – Grand Widow Faerlina (heroic)
  7. 91.78 – Ring of Holy Cleansing
    Naxxramas – Heigan
  8. 91.14 – Renewal of Life
    25 Emblems of Valor
  9. 86.94 – Circle of Life
    Naxxramas – Sapphiron
  10. 84.40 – Signet of Hopeful Light
    Argent Crusade reputation (exalted)
  11. 84.04 – Timeworn Silken Band
    Naxxramas – Maexxna
  12. 81.47 – Band of Neglected Pleas
    Naxxramas – Anub’rekhan
  13. 80.08 – Spectral Seal of the Prophet
    Drak’Tharon Keep – The Prophet Tharon’ja
  14. 78.06 – Band of Guile
    Caverns of Time: Old Stratholme – Mal’Ganis (heroic)
  15. 77.72 – Titanium Spellshock Ring
    BoE jewelcrafting
  16. 76.97 – Annhylde’s Ring
    Utgarde Keep – Ingvar the Plunderer (heroic)
  17. 75.76 – Signet of the Kirin Tor
    8,000 gold in Dalaran
  18. 70.95 – Ring of Temerity
    The Oculus quest
  19. 69.94 – Band of Enchanted Growth
    The Oculus – Mage-Lord Urom (heroic)
  20. 69.88 – Ring of the Fated
    Naxxramas – Noth
  21. 68.10 – Enchanted Wire Stitching
    Caverns of Time: Old Stratholme – Meathook
  22. 67.99 – Solitaire of Reflecting Beams
    The Violet Hold – Moragg (heroic)
  23. 66.37 – Ring of the Frenzied Wolvar
    Utgarde Pinnacle – Gortok Palehoof (heroic)
  24. 65.22 – Ringlet of Repose
    Halls of Stone – Maiden of Grief
  25. 65.06 – Newt-Eye Ring
    Icecrown quest
  26. 62.60 – Earthshadow Ring
    Jewelcrafting BoP (325)
  27. 62.36 – Signet of Ranulf
    Utgarde Pinnacle – King Ymiron
  28. 62.21 – Ring of the Traitor King
    Azjol-Nerub – Anub’arak
  29. 61.60 – Band of Eyes
    The Violet Hold – Moragg
  30. 61.32 – Globule Signet
    The Violet Hold – Ichoron (heroic)

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Two-Handed Weapons:

  1. 412.08 – Staff of Restraint
    Obsidian Sanctum – Sartharion (heroic)
  2. 408.99 – Spire of Sunset
    Naxxramas – Thaddius (heroic)
  3. 379.46 – Staff of Draconic Combat
    The Oculus – Cache of Eregos (heroic)
  4. 374.87 – Charmed Cierge
    Naxxramas – The Four Horsemen
  5. 369.86 – Deadly Gladiator’s Energy Staff
    4.5k Arena Points, personal and team arena rating of 2030
  6. 367.99 – Damnation
    Naxxramas – The Four Horsemen (heroic)
  7. 353.71 – Deadly Gladiator’s War Staff
    4.5k Arena Points, personal and team arena rating of 2030
  8. 336.71 – Deadly Gladiator’s Battle Staff
    4.5k Arena Points, personal and team arena rating of 2030
  9. 327.52 – Staff of Wayward Principles
    Utgarde Pinnacle – Skadi the Ruthless (heroic)
  10. 324.82 – Staff of Sinister Claws
    Ahn’kahet – Herald Volazj (heroic)
  11. 299.50 – Golden Staff of the Sin’dorei
    Sunwell Plateau – Kil’Jaeden

  12. 280.40 – Malygos’ Favor
    The Oculus – Cache of Eregos
  13. 277.54 – Sempiternal Staff
    Caverns of Time: Old Stratholme – Chrono-Lord Epoch
  14. 271.34 – Dignified Headmaster’s Charge
    65 Emblems of Heroism
  15. 239.10 – Life-Staff of the Web Lair
    Azjol-Nerub – Hadronox

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One-Handed Weapons:

  1. 380.06 – Torch of the Holy Fire
    Naxxramas – Kel’Thuzad (heroic)
  2. 338.18 – Ice Spire Scepter
    Eye of Eternity – Malygos
  3. 332.20 – The Impossible Dream
    Naxxramas – Loatheb (heroic)
  4. 331.84 – The Soulblade
    Naxxramas – Kel’Thuzad
  5. 326.31 – Hammer of the Astral Plane
    Naxxramas – Kel’Thuzad
  6. 317.24 – Deadly Gladiator’s Gavel
    3,150 arena points, personal and team arena rating of 2030
  7. 308.64 – Deadly Gladiator’s Spellblade
    3,150 arena points, personal and team arena rating of 2030
  8. 300.06 – War Mace of Unrequited Love
    The Nexus – Keristrasza (heroic)
  9. 298.35 – Titansteel Guardian
    Blacksmithing BoE
  10. 297.18 – Infection Repulser
    Naxxramas – Grobbulus
  11. 288.37 – Blade of Dormant Memories
    Naxxramas – Patchwerk
  12. 271.88 – Devout Aurastone Hammer
    50 Emblems of Heroism
  13. 255.82 – Netherbreath Spellblade
    Utgarde Pinnacle – Skadi the Ruthless (heroic)
  14. 250.80 – The Blessed Hammer of Grace
    250 Stonekeeper Shards, Wintergrasp
  15. 250.42 – Gavel of the Fleshcrafter
    Caverns of Time: Old Stratholme – Salramm the Fleshcrafter

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Off-Hand Frills:

  1. 104.36 – Matriarch’s Spawn
    Naxxramas – Maexxna (heroic)
  2. 93.07 – Accursed Spine
    Naxxramas – Noth (heroic)
  3. 91.31 – Handbook of Obscure Remedies
    25 Emblems of Heroism
  4. 86.43 – Urn of Lost Memories
    Naxxramas – The Four Horsemen (heroic)
  5. 81.58 – Deadly Gladiator’s Reprieve
    1,350 Arena Points, personal and team arena rating of 2030
  6. 80.04 – Prison Manifest
    BoE World Drop
  7. 79.26 – Scepter of Murmuring Spirits
    Naxxramas – Instructor Razuvious
  8. 71.42 – Frostbridge Orb
    BoE World Drop
  9. 69.16 – Faces of Doom
    Inscription BoP (425)
  10. 68.24 – Temple Crystal Fragment
    Drak’Tharon Keep – Novos the Summoner (heroic)
  11. 66.76 – Deadly Gladiator’s Endgame (tied)
    1,350 Arena Points, personal and team arena rating of 2030
  12. 66.76 – The Witching Grimoire (tied)
    Icecrown quest
  13. 65.60 – Seal of Valgarde
    Utgarde Pinnacle – Gortok Palehoof
  14. 62.18 – Talisman of Scourge Command
    Ahn’kahet – Prince Taldaram
  15. 59.10 – Tome of Salramm
    Caverns of Time: Old Stratholme – Salramm the Fleshcrafter

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Ranged Weapons:

  1. 57.70 – Wand of the Archlich
    Naxxramas – Kel’Thuzad
  2. 56.00 – Fading Glow
    Naxxramas – Loatheb (heroic)
  3. 52.13 – Plague Igniter
    Naxxramas – Grobbulus (heroic)
  4. 49.18 – Touch of Horror
    Naxxramas – Gothik the Harvester (heroic)
  5. 49.18 – Wand of the Ahnkahet
    Ahn’kahet – Herald Volazj (heroic)
  6. 47.32 – Wand of the Cleansing Light
    Sunwell Plateau – trash mobs

  7. 44.85 – Contortion
    Naxxramas – trash mobs
  8. 44.64 – Deadly Gladiator’s Baton of Light
    1,200 Arena Points, personal and team arena rating of 2030
  9. 43.08 – Wand of Sseratus
    Gundrak – Sseratus (heroic)
  10. 41.70 – Wand of the Demonsoul
    Sunwell Plateau – trash mobs

  11. 40.15 – Deadly Gladiator’s Touch of Defeat
    1,200 Arena Points, personal and team arena rating of 2030
  12. 39.52 – Brazier Igniter
    Utgarde Pinnacle – Svala Sorrowgrave
  13. 39.39 – Rod of the Fallen Monarch
    Azjol-Nerub – Anub’arak
  14. 37.00 – Deadly Gladiator’s Piercing Touch
    1,200 Arena Points, personal and team arena rating of 2030
  15. 35.90 – Carved Witch Doctor’s Stick
    25 Badges of Justice

  16. 35.38 – Wand of Chilled Renewal
    Storm Peaks quest
  17. 34.60 – Nesingwary Brush Burner
    Sholazar Basin quest
  18. 34.50 – Charged Wand of the Cleft (tied)
    Horde Expedition reputation (revered)
  19. 34.50 – Gnomish Magician’s Quill (tied)
    Alliance Vanguard reputation (revered)
  20. 33.52 – Encrusted Zombie Finger
    Icecrown quest
  21. 33.22 – Fair Touch of the Crusader
    Icecrown quest
  22. 32.96 – Iceshrieker’s Touch
    Storm Peaks quest
  23. 30.30 – Incessant Torch
    BoE World Drop
  24. 29.52 – Naaru-Blessed Life Rod
    Black Temple – Essence of Souls
  25. 27.16 – Luminescent Rod of the Naaru
    Serpentshrine Cavern – Morogrim Tidewalker

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It will take me a little bit of time to properly analize the trinkets and their procs to come up woth a proper listing.  Stay tuned.  They will be listed shortly.

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Set Bonuses:

The actual list of set bonuses, like trinkets, is a work in progress as well.  Stay tuned. They will be listed shortly.

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More About This List:

This list was created using stat weight of all priest healing stats and summing them to get the item scores.  Items were then ranked according to their scores.

Here are the stat weights used:

0.74 Intellect
0.54 Spirit
0.35 Haste
0.15 Crit
1.00 MP5
0.60 Spellpower

Lootrank was used to compile much of the information.  It is a great tool.  If you want to tweak the stat weights to come up with your own list, you can start by clicking here.

Gems, especially meta gems, played a large role.  Best gemming is assumed in the gear rankings.  Just because an item is ranked highly, especially a PvP item, doesn’t mean it is better if it’s not optimally gemmed for healing.

Stamina isn’t taken into account. It doesn’t directly affect your healing.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have enough stamina to survive the encounters.  Keep higher stamina pieces around for when you need them.  For the most part, you won’t have to go much out of your way to worry about stamina.  The Northrend gear has plenty.

This list is just a list a suggestions – a set of guidelines, if you will. A (slightly outdated) overview of the math used to come up with this list can be found in this post.  If you have a vastly different playstyle, raid composition, talent selection, gear, etc., your results may vary.  This list is aimed at the typical raiding holy priest.

Updates to this list will be here, and here only. Bookmark and come back to it to stay updated.  Please do not post this list elsewhere on the web!

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118 Responses

  1. Could you add wowhead tooltips to your list? ( )
    They would be very usefull to compare pieces without leave your pages.

  2. The looooong waited list and again you amaged me :D Thank you alot…

    Guess many readers are with me when i say: “You have been missed, good to have you back”

    To bad you didnt make the 1 post a day for november. :S

  3. Shoulders?

  4. In my opion this one is missing under rings:
    Spectral Seal of the Prophet

  5. The Heroe’s Robe of Faith is not dropped of Four Horsemen in Heroic Mode it’s dropped of Gluth in Normal one.

  6. Gluth is a Lootwhore… he got 1 random T7 and 1 random non-T7 loot from the other 12 bosses in the 4 lower wings, so both T7 10 and 25 man Robe of Faith is naturally dropping from Horsemen chest.

  7. Great list…thank you for your post! I used your stat weightings to guide my gearing to 80 and thank you for that as well! Your recommendations served me well, although I tend to lean on the more “traditional” mana regen (Spirit & MP5) over Haste. If the Haste item is not a significant increase over the existing mana regen item, I’ve been sticking with the mana regen item. YMMV, but I’ve not caught the Haste bug, yet. Perhaps things will change when we start seriously addressing Naxx.

  8. \o/ \o/ \o/

  9. Think you missing a wand Ancient Measuring Rod from HoL Loken.

  10. One question to the weight Spirit = 0.54:
    Is it possible that you forgot the regen aspect of spirit?
    Spirit (regen) = 0.3879
    Spirit (spellpower) = 0.5400
    So I come to a spirit weight of rounded 0.93

  11. Great guide thanks, good to see so much available from badges and tokens.

  12. Why teh gear wins more if it has a higher intellect than a higher spirit?

  13. since “Spirit” is mana regen and spellpower at the same time

  14. ty so much, have bookmarked this list and will be using it as my checklist
    have been testing out disc and have been finding it great for heroics, penance & PwS has made me a very lazy healer indeed. i am eagerly awaiting (read: plz hurry kthx) your disc raiding gear list =)

    however, i’m finding myself less useful in raids, esp the 25 mans, where i keep wanting to mash my hotkey for CoH & spamming renews, but having to settle for mad FH’s, PoM’s and the occasional PwS for clothies. Penance is still a great spell but if things are hectic and everyone is running around, can be difficult to position since the target has to be in front of you. def a different playing style.

    thanks again great work as always

  15. Great list, I can tell you put a lot of time into it.

    I just have one problem, your weight of crit seems rather low compared to your weight of haste for holys. With enough crit, near-constant procs from IHC will make haste rating a non-issue.

    In WOW strawberry there seems to be a few different ways to gear a holy priest succesfully, I chose:


  16. @ Cassio – Int is the new black because many of the mana regen effects (Shadowfiend, Replenishment for example) work off max mana not base mana. Int also improves spell crit.

    There seems to be a fair bit of discussion about which is better Spirit or Int with various people leaning each way.


    Personally i’m not a big fan of haste.

  17. I think you missed the Overlook Handguards

    Great gloves, on par with moonshroud, if not even a little better ^_^

    Great list, will use it to keep an eye out. If it’s kept up to date I may replace my list with yours :-)

  18. I’ve never understood why people so selfishlessly give up there time to provide such AWESOME info to the community. All I can say is, I LOVE YOU MAN !!!

    Quick question on the 2 handed weapons.

    #2) 408.99 – Spire of Sunset
    Naxxramas – Thaddius (heroic)

    #3) 379.46 – Staff of Draconic Combat
    The Oculus – Cache of Eregos (heroic)

    I have both and I tested them out. #3 has better stats, but has significantly less regen (cant remember exactly, but around -75 mp5 O5SRm and -5 mp4 I5SR). Do you feel the +20 heals (think thats what it was taking into account Spiritual Guidance) is worth this massive drop in regen.

    Thanks again man. U rule!

  19. I think you are missing the gloves from Draktharon Keep. Overlook Handguards

  20. Could you add the Overlook Handguards? They drop from last boss of Heroic Drak’Tharon and have almost identical stats to the Moonshroud Gloves.

  21. Once again, thanks for all your work here! However, I have a question about stat values.

    A very convincing argument has been presented at PlusHeal regarding Int & Spi, basically giving them the same weights, and lowering the value of Mp5 somewhat. (Except I’m not quite sure what the value of MP5 should be; right now, I’m thinking a ratio of 5 Int/Spi to 2 MP5…but not sure why except I thought I saw that ration somewhere.)

    I’m interested in your view on this.

  22. Great guide, I’ve been coming up with stat weightings myself that come out similar.

    What a lot of these guide miss though is the comparative value of stats before you hit the “magic number” on certain stats.

    For a Holy Priest, obtaining 20% holy crit is highly important. 10% from gear, 5% from talents, 5% from boomkin (if you’ve got one). crit past the 20% mark is very nice but its less important. (You’ll love all the free/instant heals from crit on Patchwerk)

    Obviously too, in early WotLK raiding, mana pool size is highly important and thus overvalues int until you get enough.

    My aim so far has been (fully buffed) 1000 int, 1000 spirit, 20% holy crit, 10% haste. I’ve managed to hit the first three and now I’m working up the haste while not losing the other stats.

    Admitably we’ve only just started Naxx-10, but we cleared the four wings in our first two nights in there this week.

  23. This is a fantastic list, I eagerly await the Discipline version.

    One thing of note, some of the BoE ‘world’ drops are in fact BoE ‘trash’ drops from specific heroics. This makes them much easier to farm for and it could be helpful to others if the specific drop locations were in the list. I’ve noted the ones I could find below in the order they appear on your list just in case you’d like to include the information in your already top notch compilation.

    Dragon Prow Amulet – Utgarde Keep
    Reanimator’s Cloak – Drak’Tharon Keep
    Runecaster’s Mantle – Utgarde Keep
    Dark Runic Mantle – Halls of Stone
    Bindings of Yearning – Naxxramas (25) from Gothik the Harvester
    Rune Giant Bindings – Halls of Stone
    Bindings of the Bastille – Violet Hold
    Gloves of Token Respect – Naxxramas (25) from Grand Widow Faerlina
    Sash of Jordan – Actual random world drop
    Shimmerthread Girdle – Actual random world drop
    Ring-Lord’s Leggings – The Oculus
    Prison Manifest – Violet Hold (can also come from in front of Violet Hold by fishing the Rusty Prison Key to open the Rusted Prisoner’s Footlocker)
    Frostbridge Orb – The Oculus
    Incessant Torch – Violet Hold

    Hope this is helpful to people!

  24. [...] most of the work has been done. Dwarf Priest, a very knowledgeable member of the Priest community, has done a lot of work on this, and has posted a template at [...]

  25. @Kestral – You have to look at what 1 int gives you vs. 1 spirit. Yes, optimum mana gain from regen occurs at a particular ratio, but you have to take into account other factors (replenishment, crit, etc.). Would it be better to have 20 extra int, or drop it to have an ideal ratio? No. The gain of the 20 int is better. That’s why I did that whole analysis looking at every aspect of benefit spirit and int give, including mana regen, and putting it all together to weigh. Intellect wins. It gives you a ton more than spirit. Yes, it feels a little icky. It’s not what we’re used to.

    The point is, you don’t want your gear to be totally skewed spirit over int, or vice-versa, but having extra int, especially in the T7 gearing process, is very important. As you gear up, it can become more balanced.

    I’m not sure what article you were referencing, but looking solely at mana regen in a vacuum and assigning them equal weights just isn’t going to cut it in practice. There are WAY too many other factors to consider.

  26. About crit: In and of itself, stacking crit rating isn’t the best move. Your goal is to pick up a few pieces to get you in that sweet 20%-30% crit rating zone. This won’t be terribly hard to do, given the gear out there.

    About crit vs. haste. A lot of people are sending me e-mails (or making snarky comments elsewhere on the web) about how “ZOMG haste is more than CRIT!”. Get over it. Really. What does 1 crit rating give you? What does 1 haste rating? Do you even know? 1% haste DOES NOT EQUAL 1% crit rating. These are two COMPLETELY different stats. Just because 1 crit rating is weighed lower than 1 haste rating does not mean haste is favored over crit! Please read up on the benefits of these stats and at least attempt to understand what they mean for our healing before you complain. I wrote a whole post about “Weighing Healing Stats” linked in the above post. It contains goals for gearing.

  27. You are missing Sulfur Stave from Loatheb normal naxx = 7th best 2nd weapon 359.46

  28. What about Girdle of Bane?

  29. wtb one for shadow priest :)

  30. “Heroes’ Robes of Faith” also drops from Regular Naxx.

  31. Thanks for this list. I’ve definitely got my work cut out for me.

  32. You are missing the Sulfur Stave drop from Loatheb from your list of two-handers, it should fit somewhere in there.

  33. I’ve been trying to figure out where my Soul Preserver trinket ranks and what I should replace it with from heroics or emblems, but I can not get it to rank no matter what I do.

  34. I think you’ve overlooked the haste effect that IHC grants, which probably explains why the weight value for crit is so low. IHC isn’t useful for CoH spam, but with the upcoming nerf, I would imagine IHC will play a much larger role in priest healing. I expect that crit will be far more valuable than haste, instead of the other way around that we see here.

  35. I used the stat weight numbers you have posted here and made a little calculator.

  36. This invaluable guide has been a lifesaver (get it!) for me as a holy priest. Many many thanks.

    I thought I would share my experience with the War Mace and Titansteel Guardian. With the spirit enchant on the Guardian and spellpower on the Mace, the Guardian came out ahead on key stats except regen. So if you have the Titansteel Guardian, it may not be worth it to replace it, despite the fact that it is more highly ranked here. I’m going to keep it for fights that need regen but mostly equip the Titansteel Guardian.

  37. WTB Trinket Values ;o

  38. Also, b.darr, keep in mind theyre decreasing the SP on the titansteel Gaurdian from 490 to 458 in near future.

  39. I’m kind of torn on the Guardian right now. I lose a lot of int with it and the mats are so expensive.

    If I were to get it which stat would be more beneficial to enchant it with? 30Int or 45 spirit?


  40. I think some weighting should be given to Stamina, because I would wear a piece of Moonshroud over Spellweave every time.

  41. I agree with Holmium I would also wear the Moonshroud over Spellweave every time.

  42. Hm, I think you might’ve overlooked Mantle of Deceit. If I’m doing the calculations right, it’s a shoulder piece that weighs in at 103.44, which would put it in slot #11 for shoulders. Drops off of Mal’Ganis in Heroic Culling of Stratholme.

  43. Reupdate with the PTR changes to Damnation :).

    I could do it myself but I’m lazy >.<

  44. Great job – i found PAWN addon helps to rate gear in game. This config for Holy priest from PAWN unofficial forum – ( Pawn: v1: “HolyPriest”: Intellect=0.74, RedSocket=11.4, CritRating=0.15, MetaSocket=15.54, HasteRating=0.35, BlueSocket=10.24, YellowSocket=11.84, SpellPower=0.6, Spirit=0.54, Mp5=1 )

  45. I’m trying to come up with the best weight system for a Disc 57-14-00 Main Tank healing spec. Spellpower, Intellect and Crit are prime stats for Disc healing.

  46. Hi, this is a fantastic post. However, you may want to consider sharing what are the best gem you put in while calculating those gear with socket just like how stated in their post for wotlk raid gear listing. Once again, good job.

  47. Really appreciate all of the hard work that you put into this list and your blog in general. You’ve been my inspiration for delving into the details and nuances of the priest class.

    I agree with Shadowfax – if you have a chance to outline what you consider to be the best gems (similar to your BC gear list), I would be eternally grateful. Also, I assume that the value you assigned to the meta gem relates to Insightful Earthsiege and includes the proc? Unfortunately, without entering a specific value, Loot Rank seems to value Insightful Earthsiege based only on the intellect stat and completely ignores the proc – therefore headgear with meta sockets are valued disproporionately low. Along the same lines, Loot Rank seems to love Brilliant Autumn’s Glow and Runed Scarlet Ruby, but to gem purely for intellect or spellpower seems a bit imbalanced to me.

    Also, whenever you get a chance, I’d love to see your analysis of the trinkets, since I’m particularly struggling with decisions in that area. :)

  48. [...] The Best Holy Priest Healing Gear Dwarf Priest writes amazing articles. I used her gear list for BC and I was incredibly relieved when she brought out this one for Wrath. Because of how she weights the gear, I figured out how weighting actually works in WoW. Sometimes an item isn’t on the list, but it’s still an excellent way of getting your bearings. [...]

  49. I’ve been checking for updates everyday, I hope the trinket testings going well!

  50. [...] you looking for the best healing gear? The Dwarf Priest has a thorough list of holy priest gear, and Holiterra has quite a few things she has listed. [...]

  51. [...] Dwarf Priest Gear Guide [...]

  52. I used your scales to evaluate the Rod of the Fallen Monarch and the Wand of Sseratus and got different answers..can you confirm your findings? I checked mine several ways..and many other sites seem to rate the Rod higher.

  53. Disregard last post..figured out my issue. You are correct as always. :)

  54. Thanks So much, this is fantastic.

    You can plug these weightings into wowheads “Compare” feature, so you can get an easy to see value for each item compared to others

  55. Would be great if you could add list of best enchants and gems too.

  56. For chest (Heroe’s Robe of Faith) you have it under Heroic.

    Wonderful list, its very helpful! =)

  57. Updated Url:

    The Holy Priest Gear Calculator has been added to

    Thanks to Dwarf Priest!

  58. Using your stat weights I get spell + int gems coming out slightly higher than pure spell damage gems (and the pure int is higher than both).

    E.g. Runed Bloodstone – 14×0.6 = 8.4
    Luminous Huge Citrine – (7×0.6)+(6×0.74) = 8.64
    Brilliant Sun Crystal – 12 x 0.74 = 8.88

    Pre-Wrath it was mainly healing or healing + spirit gems, so this is a bit confusing for me. Is it the case that:

    a) gems are scored differently to gear,
    b) I’ve calculated incorrectly,
    c) it really is a good idea to socket pure int when available?

  59. Hey, I’d like to say thanks for the guide. It’s very useful. One thing I don’t understand is the extremely low value given to +crit. Especially for the new high-tier holy tree talents, +crit is pretty important. Maybe not as important as, say, spirit, but I feel that it is at least worth a blip on the radar.

    One could say that crit is roughly equal to haste in importance; with the Improved Holy Concentration talent, every crit gives a 45% chance to make the next flash heal, greater heal, or binding heal mana-free. Also, the next 2 of those spells will cast 30% faster.

    In short, with a high enough crit rating, the translates to mana-longevity in the form of free casts– at 20% crit you’d have roughly a 9% chance to earn a free cast on one of the applicable spells.

  60. You are missing a very good pair of gloves:

    Good work on the website!

  61. I think valuing haste the way you have is incorrect. It is NOT worth that much and thus throws off the entire ranking of your items.

  62. Thanks So much, this is fantastic

  63. i think hes got haste right with the CoH Nerf haste is key to flash heal those peeps before anyone else can to maintain top healing. if anything its not rated enough

  64. Gloves of the Fallen Wizard as Undeaddict dice son muy buenos, pero como tienen hit rating es poco probable que lleguen a las manos de un Holy/Disciple Priest =/

  65. This list is fantastic for a Holy Priest. I made a little excel list with top items to get and look at it every time I raid..

    However, as f yesterday, my guild wants me discipline which is fine with me. Except that, this list is not effective anymore. Would I be possible in a near future to have a list of top items for Discipline priest? Maybe that kind of list exists somewhere but I could not find anything.

    Someone please help?

    Thank you,


  66. Allow me a moment to dissent.

    It isn’t the haste vs. crit imbalance in the weightings that bothers me, it’s the mp5 vs. spirit. A holy priest really has no reason not to take spirit items over mp5 items. It’s a throughput consideration, and mana regen is not currently as important as you make it out to be. IMO, you should strive to have the best items in every slot that also have spirit on them, unless you seek a crit/haste item (that doesn’t have spirit or mp5 on it) like Signet of Manifested Pain or Pennant Cloak. I think Sympathy being the #1 BP is the most serious offense on the list in this regard, and a symptom of the overall weighting.

    Also, in another post of yours, you neglect mentioning the value of crit in triggering Surge of Light. This should be one of the biggest reasons to take crit to a certain level (20% holy crit before raid-buffed, minimum).

    The best gearing strategy that I advise other priests is to look for the 400/400 mark in crit rating and haste rating. This puts you in the throughput zone necessary to compete in raids and puts all of the best Holy talents on a level of regularity you can depend on.

    Here’s what I whipped up really quick on my own:

    Anyhow, thanks for your efforts.

  67. need to add Haunting Call to 1 hand

  68. im not best pleased with this post as you seem to go for haste rather than crit, for a priest crit is essential in that the more they crit them more flash/greater heals you can get for no mana, im not saying this is bad, but im going to look somewhere else.

  69. great list, even if there were a couple of wrong listed gears like boots from malygos whish are the best atm

  70. hey. i’m an undead holy priest and what a great list you got! i was just wondering..

    should priest have at least 1000 intellect and at least 22% crit?

    you can check out my gear from armory. I’m at Onyxia server.

  71. Are you planning on updating this based on the mana regeneration changes (spirit nerf) in patch 3.1?

  72. Amaya, this list values straight MP5 almost twice as much as Spirit (which, for a holy priest, is an approach I entirely disagree with – but then, my approach assumes that you’re deep enough into Discipline to pick up Meditation). It shouldn’t be affected very much by the Spirit change.

    Keep in mind that the decrease to MP5 via Spirit is intended to reduce mana regeneration outside of the five-second rule. Within the 5SR, your mana regeneration should remain roughly the same, assuming you’ve picked up the talents (like Meditation) that allow you to retain some of your non-casting regen while you’re casting.

  73. Makeul, your gear looks fine for pretty much anything in live WOW at the moment. You might want to consider stacking a little more Stamina, but I’m also looking at your Armory profile without Power Word: Fortitude or Inner Fire up, which affect my perception of where your health should be. :)

    I have another list of recommended healing gear here, if you’re interested in taking a look.

  74. Outstanding list here! thank you! I may have missed it, but do you post the best enchants and buffs somewhere?

    Thank you for the amazing job you’ve done here.

  75. as a holy priest i request you take a look at your talents and start stacking spirit & crit if u want to heal fast & effective. haste isn’t as valueble as crit, and this will be more important in the feature, so if u dont wanna change all your gear once you have 600haste rating just stack up spirit & crit it’s the best bet you got untill ulduar.


  76. I put this into a spreadsheet so it can be sorted by categories. It is up on Google Spreadsheets at:

    If there is interest in it I’ll keep adding links and new items from Ulduar using the same weights.

    I posted an announcement on the oforums at:

    Boy, are they mean people.

  77. A lot of items on nr. 1 have haste.

    haste shouldnt be valued sow high, crit is the way to go. These items are a lot nr 2 or 3.

    thats rly the choice between holy priest items imo, haste or crit, cause every item has spirit,int,stam,sp

  78. I agree with some of the more recent posters, crit should be more highly rated than haste with the upcoming 3.1 changes. Mana/5 should also gain slightly in effectiveness compared to spirit.

  79. Lots of debate here about Crit or Haste. It depends on your style of play and your healer prios.

    Crit is becoming more useful with dual spec in mind and the extras the crits will give certain holy talents.

    Personally I have gone for Haste because that suits my style of play, I assign myself to the melee groups who can take damage quickly.

  80. WHY DOES MP5 BEAT CRIT AND HASTE?!?!?!!? i mean for example i think #3 Chest should be #2 and #2 should be #3.

  81. I updated the stat weights based on 3.1 mana regen and the original math, almost all the top gear is the same

    Deep Holy Stat Weights:
    Spellpower 0.60
    Spirit 0.47
    Intellect 0.70
    Crit 0.15
    Haste 0.35
    MP5 1.00

    arcanic tramplers now slightly better than boots of forlorn wishes

    signet of manifest pain now slightly better than band of channelled magic (but you need both anyway)

  82. Awesome list!! the only things i don’t believe is Wand of the Archlich is better then fading glow and the shoulders from maly should be #1 but if someone can tell me why their not that way it would be very appreciated.

  83. Hi there,

    We love this site in our guild, thanks for all your hard work!

    I was trying to sort the google doc and did not have any luck being able to access the sort feature or copying and pasting or saving it (tried all those to see if I could sort when saved locally).
    Thanks again!

  84. Curious if there are any plans to update this wonderful material in light of the changes to gear, specs, etc., in 3.1.

  85. Yes I am curious which is the best way to go with the changes in 3.1

  86. I’ll be posting a complete reworking of this for 3.1 in the coming weeks.

  87. Gotta say, this is my number one source for quick gear-checks in WoW, and the explanations of why you chose what are just excellent.

    Many many thanks for doing all this work, the priest community (or, at least I) deeply appreciates it.

    Crushridge (US)

  88. This is my gear bible… I really hope you have time for a 3.1 update.

  89. Is this still relevant after 3.1? Becuase this is my bible.

  90. Please please please, update this! This is also my gear bible >.<

  91. Thanks for putting in so much great work on this list. A bible for Holy Priests and some nice guidelines for Disc Priests too. Would love to see an update if you ever have time.

  92. Very nice gear guide for Naxx, since 3.10 spirit has been nerfd a lot, can you please rewrite those status weight.

  93. Are you going to update the gear list anytime soon? Please? :D

    Thank you

  94. Lol…looks like alot of people, incl myself, are waiting for an Ulduar update.

    This site is like my healing gear bibel and being well inside Ulduar now I really miss it!

    Awesome site!! hope the progress in the update is going well. :D

  95. to sort some confusion about the above posts. one of the viewers posted a new deep holy stat weights with 3.1

    and i believe that it was stated an update within the coming weeks will happen.

    so problems solved!

    scrolling up is awesome!

  96. Must. Publish. Faster. Please. Thank you.


  97. [...] an example, I’ll be using Dwarf Priest’s holy priest weight scale from the beginning of December 2008. This means that at this point, it may already be outdated – [...]

  98. [...] Personally I prefer to use the LootRank list but some perfer a static list so here it is.  This is basically a re-write of DwarfPriests 3.0 Holy gear list. [...]

  99. [...] of theorycraft out there was MK, author of A Dwarf Priest, who did some seriously cool work on Holy gear ranking for [...]

  100. [...] Personally I prefer to use the LootRank list but some perfer a static list so here it is.  This is basically a re-write of DwarfPriests 3.0 Holy gear list. [...]

  101. [...] of theorycraft out there was MK, author of A Dwarf Priest, who did some seriously cool work on Holy gear ranking for [...]

  102. [...] of theorycraft out there was MK, author of A Dwarf Priest, who did some seriously cool work on Holy gear ranking for Wrath. However, MK hasn’t been seen around lately, and hasn’t updated the [...]

  103. I’d like to through out for consideration the
    Dagger of lunar purity good overall weapon for healing but it just came out part of the tournament

  104. This article is outdated ¬¬

    It would be great to see new weights for patch 3.1

  105. wondering if plan on updating for Ulduar

  106. I’m not sure what happened to MK, but here is a re-write of this for 3.1

    Gobble gobble.

  107. When are you going to update this to be in-line with Ulduar gear?

  108. Yes it includes Uldar gear.

  109. That list is awesome Bob, but I wish it went back into the Naxx10 range for “gearing up” purposes and not just Ulduar gears.

  110. @Ian – Click the LootRank link near the top of the post. Once that loads untick the isntances you want to exclude gear from and then click View Loot or Submit or whatever the submit button is called.

    Never mind click this:

    Gobble gobble.

  111. Holy crap, that’s perfect! I love you :P

    And thats pretty accurate?

  112. To the nearest millimetre.

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  115. [...] Using this scale (that i found on this page) [...]

  116. Get some ulduar gear and toc 10, 25 togc 10, 25

  117. [...] of yourself without inspiring the masses.  Her mere disappearance spawned countless posts and speculation (scroll to the bottom and read the responses) as to what happend to her.  She finally came back [...]

  118. As others have done before me, I’ve been working hard on best-in-slot gear lists of my own. Check it out if you’re interested.

    I hope this helps!

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