Professions for Your Priest

Last updated: 01/04/08, patch 2.3.


The one profession that really shines for priests, and I cannot recommend it enough, is Tailoring, especially when you reach level 70 and can make epic crafted sets that are better than some of the gear you’d find in many end-game raid instances. Good leveling gear is bit tough to find on the auction house, so it is nice to be able to make your own along the way as well. If you are not leveling with tailoring, but think you might switch to it later, be sure to try to stockpile some cloth either in your bank or on a bank alt to make the switch easier later.

Blacksmithing and Leatherworking are near useless for priests. There are next to no items craftable with these professions that are of any use to us.

Gathering professions (Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning) are always nice, as they provides a steady way to make money.

Engineering is favored for PvP. In addition to the nifty gadgets and explosives you can make with it, there are a number of very good goggles (head armor) that are better than what you would find in most instances, and can also be used at low levels when head armor of any type is elusive or non-existant.

Other primary professions, in particular Enchanting, Alchemy and Jewelcrafting, all have their unique benefits.

Keep in mind that certain primary professions have synergy with others. For instance, with the Enchanting profession you can disenchant the items you create while leveling your tailoring skill and sell results for a fair profit on the AH.

Other primary profession synergies:

  • Mining / Engineering
  • Mining / Jewelcrafting
  • Herbalism / Alchemy
  • and (less typical for priests) Skinning / Leatherworking and Mining / Blacksmithing

As for secondary professions, First Aid is a must. Players often mistakenly assume that since priests are healers, they will not need another way to heal themselves. First Aid could be the difference between life and death when playing in a group; it is, essentially, a mana-free self-heal. Also, the ability to cure poisons at low levels can come in handy as priests lack the natural ability to do so.

Cooking and Fishing have their benefits, especially once you reach higher levels when you get the ability to make some really nice stat bonus buff food. However, these professions are not necessary, especially if you have another character that already knows these professions on the same server and faction.

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  1. Quick note here- I dumped my WoW account prior to WoLK but at the time had a 70 dwarf holy priest. Take alchemy. Why?

    Redeemer’s Alchemist Stone.

    40% more from mana potions goes a long way in boss fights. Add the +63 spell power and its just that much sweeter. I’ve been in a couple instances where bad things happened and it was just me and the tank. I was able to keep the tank up until people got back into the instance and start helping again.

  2. I would say the best proffesions are Jewelcrafting and maybe inscription if you want a proffesion thats not that expensive but also good to grind money with & you get the best Shoulder enchant ingame atm;)

  3. I m jus started my Dwraf priest (female) hard to lvl but for my firts chracter i thought mining and herbalism/letaherworking..??? yeah its exllect for gold i sold 20X copper bars for 10 g and 20X light lether for 5 g

    think and take

  4. Updated for 4.0.1 over at Another Dwarf Priest – !

    Taking over for Esdras of


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