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More Priest Tricks!
August 18, 2008

I’m adding a few more items to my list of priest tips and tricks.  They are as follows:

  • Embarrass in the Arena
    If you are fighting an arena team of the same faction as yours that is just horrible, you can likely embarrass them further.  When a player on their team dies, you can rez them!  Then just kill them again.
  • Come Back From the Dead
    If you have Spirit of Redemption and die, you drop out of combat for a short moment when it activates.  During that time, you can switch a trinket out for the Darkmoon Card: Twisting Nether, which will give you a 10% chance of coming back to life when Spirit of Redemption ends.  Certain add-ons like Outfitter can be configured to equip the trinket for you automatically when you die.
  • Help Gank Your Own Faction
    If you play on a PvE server, there is a way to have a friend of the opposite faction kill an annoying player of your faction.  You can force a player from your faction to flag by challenging them to a duel, flagging yourself for PvP, and then Mind Controlling them.  While you have them Mind Controlled, they will now be PvP flagged and your friend can attack or kill them.
  • Mana Sheep
    If you have an item such as an Explosive Sheep, you will get mana back from Spirit Tap when it dies.  Use your sheep when you need to do extra damage and get some free mana! (You have to be within a few levels of your creation for this to work.)
  • Uber Prayer of Healing
    If you are in a raid and multiple players from other groups need healing, you can start to cast Prayer of Healing, then move those players into your group before it finishes casting.  Then just move those players right back to where they were.  Hooray for extra healing!
  • Uber SW:D
    If you have the talent Reflective Shield and are up against multiple other players in PvP, you can make your SW:D do 50% extra damage (without taking any extra backlash damage).  Shield yourself, Mind Control one of the players, then SW:D a different player.  The first player will receive 50% of the SW:D backlash damage because of the Reflective Shield.
  • Scare Your Arena Team
    When you enter the arena, the server knows that you’ve entered a PVP area and temporarily makes you hostile to everyone, including your teammates. It only takes a moment before the server realizes you are on the same team and marks you as friendly to them.  If you have nameplates on, you’ve likely noticed this before.  You can make good use of this moment by triggering an instant cast (such as Psychic Scream, or Shadow Word: Pain) directed at them.  It will surely confuse your team.
  • Change Your Shadowform
    If you don’t like the dark purple glow of your shadowform, there is a way to remove the purpleness of it.  While in shadowform, simply use a shapechange effect such as Noggenfogger or Dartol’s Rod of Transformation.  Right click on the shapechange buff to remove it.  Now your shadowform makes you transparent, but not purple.

Got any to add? Let me know!