Bloody Rare

I’ve been spending some time lately trying to fill in some of my missing achievements (haven’t we all?).  One that I have had trouble with is “Medium Rare.”  You have to just find and kill one Outlands rare mob.  Yes, just one.  (Which is annoying, as I know I’ve killed at least half a dozen before Achievements were introduced.  Oh well).    The competition for mobs that grant Achievements has been pretty rough lately.

There are 20 different rare mobs in the Outlands that could be killed for the “Medium Rare” achievement:

Many of these mobs used to be elites only be killable by a group.  In patch 2.4, Outlands rare mobs’ hitpoints were reduced and elite status removed.  They are now all soloable.

Rare mobs in the Outlands have multiple spawn points, and will path over a fairly large distance.  This makes them very difficult to track down.

Here are the collected spawn locations of the mobs on one map:

Bloody Rare mob map

What I had taken to doing (from a suggestion I read on the forums) is to make a macro that I can spam while flying a rough path over these dotted areas.  It will target any rare if there is one nearby.  I’ve been using the macro in conjunction with an addon called “RareFinder.”  RareFinder alerts you in your chat pane and combat text when there is a rare mob nearby.

/tar Ambassador J
/tar Bog Lurk
/tar Chief Engineer L
/tar Coilfang Em
/tar Collid
/tar Crip
/tar Doomsa
/tar Ever-C
/tar Fulgor
/tar Goretoo
/tar Hema
/tar Kraat
/tar Mekt
/tar Martic
/tar Morcr
/tar Nura
/tar Okrek
/tar Speaker
/tar Vorak
/tar Voidhunt

The names of the mobs had to be abbreviated so that it would all fit under the 255 character limit on macros.

There is a follow-up achievement to “Medium Rare” called “Bloody Rare.”  It involves killing ALL the mobs on the list.  At this point, I think I’d be lucky to just find one!

I really wish the rare kills for achievements carried over and included Azerothian mobs, too (perhaps as its own achievement).

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  1. Guess we all have been doing the achievements while waiting for WotLK and the one you mention “Medium rare” has also been a pain to me, cause “…I know I’ve killed at least half a dozen before Achievements were introduced.”, so at first i went looking for Kraator and Nuramoc since i remember killing them 3-4 times each while flying around gathering herbs.

    Yesterday i ended up in a party for Ogri´la elitequest and we found Hemathion :D, but i have given up on “Bloody Rare” for now.

  2. My recommendation is to park your lust for achievements for a while unless you intend to race something to 80 come wrath.

    From what I see there’s people hunting rares on my server all over the place at the moment trying to kill time whereas all those people will either be in northrend or levelling their DKs come wrath… which means plenty of room to do some rare killing once all the others have abandoned outland.

    People rush things too much

  3. Do any of these addons cover this for you?

  4. I couldn’t find a working version of SilverDragon. As I mentioned, I am also using the addon RareFinder in addition to my macro.

  5. Manticar is probably the one i would go after. Every time i have exited Orebor he has been there, and 11k hp isnt to ridiculously hard to dish out.

  6. I haven’t been on WoW in months and I am just now coming back but I feel so “lost in the sauce” in a way. How can I regain focus and get my main up to level 70! (he’s been my main since 06 and he’s still not 70 yet lol) Sigh there is so much to the game that I feel I am being left behind and can’t catch up and know everything like I used to.

    Help me!

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