Comic: Karazhan and Pants

I took a stab a making a short little web comic episode thing. This is probably a one time deal. (I’m putting it behind a cut as it is (very) large in file size and takes a moment to load. )

Karazhan and Pants

This is dedicated to my boyfriend, who tirelessly puts up with me substituting the word “pants” for words I don’t know in song lyrics when singing aloud. He always wanted to be in a web comic, and now he is. Happy Valentine’s Day!

For those of you unfamiliar with the song parody, it is “Safety Dance,” by Men Without Hats.

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  1. Very cute!

    So, uh, is there such an add-on?

  2. What CAN’T add-ons do? :)

    I believe in patch 1.11 API was introduced to allow mods to recognize a ready check and return values. There was a decent one named Reslack (an Ace add-on) from back in the day. I think it is still out there. (link)

    I think the TweakHub_Automation add-on (another Ace add-on) will do this as well. (link)

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