Compiling a More Complete List

I’ve been slowly working on compiling a more complete list for healing gear. Yes, that’s right, I am working on making a list of the best PvE healing gear for priests. It’s long going, as trinkets and set bonuses always take a long time to approximate.
This list will include PvP gear in it, too.

The Best Causal PvE Gear list will remain updated as well because not everyone will explore the toughest 25-man content, and how stats are weighted will depend on what you are raiding (intellect vs. mana regen depend on the length of the encounters, for example).

I’ve considered making such a list for shadow priests as well, but there already exists a fine casual gear list and a best gear list on I do disagree with their stat weights slightly (I value crit a little less as most shadowpriests I know are either threat capped, mana capped, or can’t afford to take backlash health damage in most encounters and therefore won’t use SW: Death or Mindblast every time they can).

How I make gear lists (and you can make your own, too!):

  1. I spend time thinking about how I value stats.
  2. I go to a site like and plug weights for stats based on how I value them.
  3. I copy the generated list into Excel.
  4. I make adjustments based on other factors not taken into account ( will not compute spell haste, set bonuses, or trinket effects). This requires a stupid amount of conversions and calculations.
  5. Viola! You have a list!

What I have been hoping to find is a site like that will calculate spell haste. If anyone knows of one, let me know!

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  1. Thank you foor info, I haven’t bumped into that before, such a great tool!

    I’ve been only using “static” loot lists, like your Best Casual PvE List (which is great!),’s Priest Healing Loot and Kaliban’s class list.

    Not loot related, but for those most effective heals, I use Priest Healing Calculator (


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