Happy New Year

Hope you all have been having a great holiday season. I’ve been having a great time with the Winter Veil stuff. My favorite part this year was Mechanical Grench-related shenanigans. We let them loose on at the end of Scarlet Monastery: Armory and then later on the stairs event in ZF. Those little suckers will tear through anything. It was pretty awesome watching them bite their way through mob-after-mob.

I have been stocking up on all the cheaply-sold holiday crafting patterns. I figure I can resell them in July for a nice chuck of change. And speaking of holiday patterns, my boyfriend did the death run on his night elf priest into the center of Orgrimmar to get the Green Winter Clothes pattern from the goblin vendor. I probably should have done the same on some of my characters, but alas I am the laziest tailor in all of Azeroth.

A guild that I am a part of did a real-life holiday gift card exchange. Here is what I wrote in the cards:

May all your drops be epic, and your rolls never topped.
May your wipes be few and far between, and your cooldowns never popped.
May your health bars be always full and your armor in full repair.
Here’s wishing you a joyous season filled with love and care!

Cheesy, huh?


There are fireworks tonight in-game. I don’t think I’ll catch them this year, though the official webpage says that they happen every hour (is that true? I thought they only happened at midnight server time). One of the servers I play on is on a three-hour time difference, so I may catch the big fireworks display there.

My New Year Resolutions (WoW Related):

  1. Get (at least) two abandoned alts out of the alt-abyss-black-hole-of-death that is Hellfire Peninsula (and get them to 70)
  2. Tank a level 70 instance on my priest
  3. Try playing a class I’ve given up on (druid, shaman, hunter)
  4. Finish my priest guide
  5. Keep having fun, and not burn out. :)

Have a happy and safe New Year celebration, everyone. Best tidings!

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