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You start earning talent points at level ten, and will gain one talent point with every level all the way through level 70. You can press “n” to bring up your talent trees. There are three tabs (one for each tree: Discipline, Holy, and Shadow).A priest’s solo play and role in groups can vary based on which talent tree most of her talent points are in, especially at the higher levels. I suggest periodically taking some time and messing around with a talent calculator to try to plan where you want your points to go.

The three talent trees for priests are Discipline, Holy, and Shadow.

  • The Discipline tree improves longevity (increased stats, mana regeneration, an extra buffs, ways to reduce damage taken, and some spell damage increases).
  • The Holy tree increases the power and use of your holy spells (your healing, and to a lesser extent, your holy damage spells).
  • The Shadow tree significantly increases the damage of your shadow spells and gives you some ways to increase your party’s spell damage and regeration of health and mana.

Each tree has its merits and drawbacks. Shadow’s increase to spell damage makes it the best for ease of leveling. Holy and Discipline are a bit more tedious to try to level with, but can make healing easier, if that is your objective. Most people find that with proper gear they are able to heal just fine in instances as a fully shadow specced priest until they get to the upper 60s or 70 in level.

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  1. Hi. First thanks for sharing with everyone else your experience and knowledge. They improve my way to level up. Second I completely disagree when you say that level as a holy priest is boring. My priest is my third character after a year since I began playing and is mostly holy: 2/don’t remember how many/3. I’ve reached lvl 40 after a month of playing I really enjoyed healing rol in a group and when I soloed. I don’t recomend trying to lvl up a healer if is the first time you ever play at wow. I had most problems and dedicated more time when I hit 70 with my warlock. Finaly my DPS damage allows my to soloed misions with mobs 3 lvls above my own char. P.S. English is not my first language I wish I were cleared.

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