Don’t mind the dust, I’m moving some stuff around in the blog. The big news is that the header/menu to the Priest Guide is now live, and can be found at: (or the link at the top of the blog). As you can tell, I have a long ways to go on it. However, I have a number of posts half-written, if that counts for anything (it doesn’t).

I’m thinking of just keeping my “Useful Priest Links” out of my “Links” section of my blog, and only having them as a part of the Priest Guide. I hate having to update the same list in multiple pages.

There will be many other minor changes.  For instance, I’ll probably be cleaning up my previous Priest Guide posts a bit.

Our current weather predictions for the next week estimate a downpoor of boring Priest Guide information with a sprinkle of fluff posts in the mix. And if we’re lucky, it may just not rain frogs.

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