Beer Goggles for Your Bank Alt

… and other thoughts on Brewfest

Have you hugged your bank alt today?

sh_dance.gifBrewfest is really like a bank alt appreciation holiday. On the servers I play on, the festival space is lagged down with all these level one characters riding rams in drunken circles. And who can blame them? These poor characters, who never have a shot at getting a mount at their own, who labor in forceful servitude in front of a bank or mailbox every other day of the year, and who never get to see the light of the outdoors or feel the gentle Azerothian breeze upon their faces, are finally stepping outside and getting a taste of what they have been missing.

Brilliantly, none of the Brewfest quests given any experience (save for the “discovery” of new places if you travel for any part of the festival). You can happily do the Brewfest quests and leave your bank alt at level 1.

Here are a few items to not pass up:

  • Both stylish and practical, the Brewfest Beer Googles (aka Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles) are an absolute must for any bank alt. Head gear that can be equipped by a level 1 character is awfully tough to come by. The googles beat out the ridiculous looking hats available at this same festival due to their on-equip ability. Alliance-side, you never have to worry about trying to click through a mass of freakishly tall draenei to get your mail ever again. Everyone is now as short or shorter than you are! Horde-side, well, Thrall got a makeover. Female orcs abound, which in most opinions means that horde characters are finally visually appealing.
  • I was sure to pick up a Brewfest Pony Keg for my alts. Nothing says “let’s drink up!” more than 22 minutes remaining on an auction house scan.
  • Also worth noting is the availability of a “blue” main hand weapon for yout bank alt. Yes, the Yellow Brewfest Stein is a “rare” item. This is a very classy choice for duels with characters 70 times your level. It is also a nice complement to the sparklers from summer light festival. Nothing complements a never-ending flame on a stick like a mug of your favorite brew. Beer and fire: a match made in the stars.
  • While the clothing wear available at the festival will never out-do what you probably already have on your bank alt (provided s/he is lucky enough to be given clothes at all) , the footwear (notably the Brewfest Slippers) can be a fine complement to proper attire. Now your bank alt doesn’t have to appear to be wearing military-style footwear with a Elegant Dress.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to get your little servant an imaginary friend. A Wolpertinger is sure to keep even the loneliest bank alt company on those long, cold, empty nights trying to hawk wares to the civilians of the Exodar. However, there may be more to this little jackalope-rip-off than meets the eye…

The Wolpertinger ate my Yeti.

yeti.jpgSo I have a Mechanical Yeti (combat pet) and a Wolpertinger (non-combat pet). Why not bring them both out at once? Well, I found that having the Yeti out at the same time as the Wolpertinger for more than a minute or two would cause the Yeti to mysteriously despawn before its time was up.

Perhaps there is more to this mythical beast called the Wolpertinger than meets the eye? Or maybe there still exist some serious bugs with Blizzard’s coding for non-combat pets. Well, at least the Wolpertinger makes cute noises when you poke at it. Can’t say that about the Yeti.

And rams for all?

I don’t care how many times I see it, the sight of horde characters on rams just doesn’t sit well with me. It just feels so wrong. All those massive Tauren bending the backs of those poor little rams just breaks my heart. However, that sure didn’t stop me from racing my undead mage alt up to 60 so that she could get a Swift Brewfest Ram for herself. Not that it will get much use by her, but you never know… I may decide to show a little dwarven pride cross-faction.

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