Feed Me! BLARGH!

So, either dwarfpriest.com’s RSS feed broke, or my feed reader did, but I’m not seeing updates from the site anymore.  You might not be, either.  (So how would you be reading this?  Ummmm …. ) I’m still getting tons of feed updates from other websites in my reader, which leads me to believe that it is the site that is broken.

But!  I know about the issue, and I’m working on fixing it.  (Heck, by the time you read this, it could already be fixed!)

On the off-chance you’ve been missing what has been going on around here, I will recap!

I wrote a patch 3.0.2 survival guide for priests, covering all the changes we had to deal with.  By very popular demand, I continued that into a separate post for surviving WotLK.  Between the two, I think I’ve answered some of the more common questions.

Do you have questions?  Well, I’ve got some answers!

WotLK Survival Guide

Echoes of Doom (3.0.2) Survival Guide

Other posts of interest regarding WotLK:

Hopefully that is enough information to keep you busy while installing WotLK.

In case it isn’t, let me leave you with some food for thought (warning: this is a little off-topic):

I was reading the Freakonomics blog, as I often do, as it really is one of my most favorite things on the internet.  Anyways, the question was posed, “What is the most addictive thing on Earth?” Dr. Gary Becker, the 1992 Nobel laureate in economics (and leading researcher in the realm of relational addiction), shared his answer with the author of the blog.  Now, there is a whole guessing game to try to figure out what he said it was (with promises of free stuff if you are the first person to get it right!).

So, just what is the most addictive thing on Earth?

Well, four people answered World of Warcraft.

Two people answered Chuck Norris.

The post hasn’t been updated with the correct answer, making me suspect that it hasn’t been said yet.  There are over 650 answers (some duplicates), and no one has gotten the correct one?

I am inclined to think is something along the lines of: indoor heating, corrective lenses, pillows, or toilet paper.  Those have all been guessed already, though.

The suspense for the correct answer is killing me!  Hopefully someone figures it out soon.

Oh well. See you all in Northrend!

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8 Responses

  1. Your Feed URL changed, i noticed two days ago https://dwarfpriest.com/feed/ is the new one

  2. no problem of feed

  3. Heroin or Nicotine are the most addictive substances (unless you try to be funny with oxygen, food and other such crap):


  4. Turns out he believes the most addicting thing is “love”, which, I swear, I was going to guess prior to reaching the site and realizing the answer was already given. That’s not because I believe that love is the most addicting thing in the world, but because you could almost smell this answer coming. While I don’t necessarily disagree with his answer, I would have said “power” or “attention”.

  5. Love isn’t really addicting, its more of a neccesity like food, shelter, air etc.

    Now sex….

  6. @Somerandomdude

    You better not say that around Robert Palmer.

  7. @Bernard – You can access the site feed from either dwarfpriest.com/feed or dwarfpriest.wordpress.com/feed. Both should work.

    @shadow – Yep! Looks like it’s working now. Must’ve just been a hiccup.

    @Serm – Good guess! It wouldn’t have been my choice… I wonder that that says about me… Though isn’t love sometimes about the attention, or the power for some people? Surely it varies person-to-person, but it could have any dimension of other things rolled into it.

  8. @MK I used to use /rss which is the feed that broke awhile ago. Just giving people the a new one that works properly if for some reason you had the old /rss link loaded up in your reader.

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