Two Tools For Raid Stacking

The criteria we use to balance classes and specs for raids will be changing in patch 3.0.2 (I wrote a prior post about it here). The number of things to take into consideration makes putting together a raid feel like one of those wacky logic puzzle things.

Here are two tools to aid raid leaders in the complex process of stacking their raid for optimal raid buffs/debuffs.

1. RaidComp

MMO Champion is hosting a browser-based tool where you can drag raid around various classes/specs into raid groups. It looks great for raid planning.

It will let you save compositions to go back to later, too. It’s like a talent calculator, but for making raid groups.  It’s a lot of fun to play around with.

You can check it out here. Instructions about how to use it and a discussion thread about it can be found here.

2. In the Buff

This is an add-on that will actually scan the talents of your raid members and tell you what buff/debuff areas are covered.  Just because that disc priest could be specced for Improved Divine Spirit doesn’t mean he actually is.

Screenshot courtesy of WowInterface

InTheBuff uses colors to denote if you have the best buffs for a given category.  Green is the best.  Yellow means that you have a buff affecting that category, but not the best one.  Red means that you do not have anything for that category.

This isn’t as useful for pre-raid planning, but helpful when actually putting it together as a check that you have the buff/debuff categories covered that you wanted. It will be great for pugs!

You can read more about it or download it here.

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