Priest Tier 7

Warning: contains dangerous level of speculation and spoilerage.  Digest at your own risk!

I have seen a lot of speculation about Tier 7 as of late.  There is nothing official certainly, and there are even multiple theories about what it could be.

Let’s take a look at the two major contenders…

The most prevalent theory about priest tier 7 is a set of gear datamined out of the beta’s data files using WoWModelViewer (and possibly other means).  That is the set of gear on the left. (Source)

The other leading theory is that we will see reskinned tier 3 (Faith!) as our tier 7. This stems from a blue comment on the forums a little while back. (Source)

Again, nothing has been determined definite, and there could still be other options.

My problem with the first set of gear (the one on the left), besides the fact that the shoulders would swallow my little dwarf head alive, is the headpiece. Did the gear designer find a level 12 priest whining on the forums about how unfair it was that rogues could wear a Defias Mask and priests could not?  Let’s not make an idiot’s dream come true, here.  Give me another crown or halo-type thing, not something worn by rogues during levels 12-28. Otherwise, the set looks okay …. perhaps a little too close to our T5, and the shoulders look a little plate-like, but it could be worse.  A lot worse.

The second option I am honestly more enthused about.  Faith (tier 3) was fabulous looking!  Granted, yes, it was a 9-piece set, but removing the ring, bracers, leggings, boots, crown, or gloves wouldn’t drastically change the look of the set; only four pieces are really necessary to retain its look. What I like best about Faith are the intricacies of the design on the robe.  Plus, the headpiece is a freakin’ halo!  You could reskin this set almost any color and it would still look lovely.

If I had a choice, I’d vote for reskinned Faith for T7. If Blizzard were to use something else, I sure hope they have another good use for Faith.  It is just too pretty to lose.

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  1. I agree. Reskinned T3 would be far more pleasant.

  2. Yeah, I definitely want me some recolored Faith. Back in the day I had the bracers, boots, and shoulders. I still think it’s one of (if not the) greatest looking sets for any class.

  3. I too would much prefer recoloured Faith/T3. I really do not want to walk around looking like I’m afraid I’m going to get Bird Flu.

  4. I have tier3 on my human priest and she looks … marvelous. And obviously used many times in the TBC promo materials right along with Paladin gear.

    Sadly the gear sucked bonus wise. The Oracle/3 gear for the +10% heal bonus and Trans bonuses were great. Infact finding bonuses like that are surprisingly lacking for priest today.

    I loved the +heal to self bonus, I found it to be a great +rest alternative and if heavy fights often used the 3 pcs of gear in TBC.

  5. I’m a bit surpriedto see such old news brought up again (from back in the end of May if i remember correctly). On the other hand there is nothing wrong in having an opinion at anytime so cheers :) I really disagree with your taste though. That may have to do with me being a beautiful troll and you some kind of… hehe. There is nothing cool about reusing old skins no matter how good they were or not. That is only pure laziness and totally boring. Give us new stuff or you will taste my booterang, Blizzard employee bum! If it has to be implemented in the game I’d rather see it being used as a dungeon set or something like that. Tier sets should be on the edge, shiny and new. Nothing less.

    Here is a link to the video that was made from the mined data back in may if you want a more intense experience on how the gear may come out. Please notice that nobody at this moment knows what this gear is. The only thing we know is that it’s in the data as files with names similar to how tier gear files use to be named. It could be anything really. The hunter’s shoulders miss some texture. But what do us priests care about such details, right? :)

  6. i agree. the reskinned version of t3 (was that your handywork btw? if so goodjob!) looks awesome. alot more exciting than the unfortunately more probable “model”. maybe you should drop some hints with that image on the forums. i would love to have a set like that.

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