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I See Dead People
July 31, 2008

Well, I see an undead person.  At least I think she was a person once.

If you have the priest-only trinket “Eye of Divinity” (scored from Majordomo’s chest in Molten Core and used in the process to get Benediction), equipping it will allow you to see an easter egg no other class can see.

Donning the Eye of Divinity and looking at Haris Pilton, the 24-slot bag the vendor of 24-slot bags in Shattrath’s World’s End Tavern, will show you a ghostly visage haunting her.

That being is the undead Ricole Nichie.  She sports the title “Ex-Socialite” (while Haris Pilton is entitled “Socialite”).

Spectracles won’t let you see Ricole. Eye of Divinity only!

I wonder if there are other hidden NPCs that can be seen this way.