Consolidated 2.4 Information

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, put up a mini-guide to the patch on their front page:


They have nice, tidy lists of:

Of course, not all the information and changes from the patch are able to be conveyed in this manner. For instances, on the test realms there is a feature where you can link quests and spells in chat the same way you link items. has a nice write-up of it (as well as other interesting screenshots and information on patch 2.4).

I’m not on the PTRs (I know, I know, bad priest! No cookie!) so I have been hesitating on writing too much about the changes. Plus, I don’t like to count my chickens before they hatch. I would hate to go and revise my theorycraft on mana regeneration model or information on haste to only have the proposed changes not make it to the live realms. I’ll probably do some hasty math on the subjects before the patch goes live, but I think I have plenty of time for that. I’ll probably also make a list of all the new priest items rolling out with the patch once there is a more conclusive list of them to share.

WTB more information, PST!