A Lovely Day for a Picnic

I was fortunate to get a Romantic Picnic Basket right off the bat this morning. This is a new addition to the “Love is in the Air” holiday.

The Romantic Picnic Basket is an on-use item that will set up an umbrella and faux picnic arrangement, similar to the regular Picnic Basket.

Romantic Picnic Basket

Any player can click on the basket. Doing so will sit you down and give you the buff “Looking for Love.”


Then, if you can get at least one other player to click the basket to sit with you, the buff changes to: “Romantic Picnic.”


The fun part is that if you have the “Romantic Picnic” buff, hearts will rise up above your head. This goes for any player that has the buff.


I’ve been bringing the Romantic Picnic Basket with me in my travels today (I’m trying to get as many Lovely Black Dresses as I can). It’s been great for making some new friends. Good times!

Romantic Picnic Fun!
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The Romantic Picnic Basket lasts 3 minutes and the item to create it has a 3 minute cooldown. It is Bind-on-Pickup, but you can trade the Gift of Adoration before you loot the picnic basket from the it if you want to sell this item or give it away.