Adventures in Guild Relations

I’m not quite sure how I ended up there, but today I found myself perusing posts in Warcraft’s Guild Relations forum. Generally speaking, I’d rather be reading the bug report forums; guild relations are not my thing. I am more interested in how the game is working, than how other people’s guilds are functioning.

However, I did stumble upon some interesting stuff, like:

Genuinely useful information:

Things that make me go “huh?”

Lists of the Best

  • The Best Guild Websites
    My favorites are:

      Nice clean background graphics.
      Very interesting opening page.
      Smooth integration of Flash and RP. :)
      Hands down the best looking and most practical guild website I have ever seen. Great balance of graphics and information.
  • Best Guild Names
    Some favorites:

    • The Goggles Do Nothing
    • Stance Dance Revolution
    • Let the Wookie Win
    • Order of Fries
    • Clan of Redundancy Clan
    • IDKFA

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