Karazhan Bingo

I am so very, very tired of Karazhan. It is the Pampers of raiding and I have been helping to pull people through it for months.

r_crying.jpgI no longer wish to “raid” alongside people who have the DPS of a wet noodle, the tanking skills of a fluffy kitten, and the healing ability of dirty Band-Aid. I never want to hear the lame “You are not repaired!” joke ever again. I am not a consumable vendor for the unprepared, and I don’t need to be wasting my time waiting around for half the raid to try to get its collectively PvP-flagged ass through the damn instance door so that we can begin our five hours of stupid mistakes and needless wipes.

And the next time someone makes liberal use of the /healme emote, I swear on all that is holy that I will make and start spamming a “ calls out for tanking!” macro.

… and I could keep ranting on. However, instead of funneling my angst into an (even more) angry post, I figured I could better sum up my annoyances with a colorful list, organized into a Bingo board. This way when shit hits the proverbial fan in the future, at least I can look at my pretty little board, smile, and start playing a small side-game with myself to pass the time.

So, to all the priests out there who have had their shackles broken by players who just aggro dump the mob onto them, I present you with:

Karazhan Bingo!
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If this doesn’t quell my rage, then expect to see “Karazhan the Drinking Game!”
Coming soon to an angry dwarf’s blog near you!

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  1. I think I love you.

    Honestly, this is all so true. I’m a pally, but the sentiments still apply…

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  3. I don’t miss Karazhan at ALL.

  4. Congrats on the wowinsider mention! Nice work indeedy.


    - Asirae

  5. Congrats on getting wowinsider attention! :) This one is by far the funniest and the most creative rant post ever (and yet, sadly, so true). I can’t wait to do this BINGO while playing the upcoming “Karazhan the Drinking Game!”.

    “Shackled X! d’oh. Shackled X! d’oh. Don’t break the shackles! Shac.. d’oh.”

  6. Brilliant!

  7. after today’s raid, i can add one more square to your bingo:

    The hunter can’t trap, and blames it on “the shamn using the wind move”, when it was the resto druid trying to save his behind…

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  9. Just great., you are killing me. so funny

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  12. I just discovered your site and I love it! If I knew your server you’d be in danger of *hug*stalking… :)

    This post is hilarious, and the one on Wrath healing stats for priests is brilliant. Keep up the great, fun work!

    -Meliant, Ysera/Horde

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