Name Generation

I’m trying to roll a new alt, but I fail at coming up with names. Usually, I just name my characters on the same server with a name scheme, but on a new server I am always at a loss.

Blizzard’s in-game name generator fails me as well. For a dwarf female it suggested me the following:

  • Aide
  • Mana
  • Bride
  • Barley
  • Sell
  • Keen
  • Mate
  • Bell
  • Case
  • Lean

While I have nothing against using any typical noun, verb, or adjective as a name, I just thought that the name generator would be a bit more creative. Back to using non-Blizz name generators, like Rinkworks, I guess.

3 Responses

  1. The name generator leaves much to be desired. Beyond the issue you have (names that are…well…not all that great), how about not giving us names that are ALREADY TAKEN on the server? That’d be swell.

    I like the Rinkworks link.

    I also like Kate Monk’s name listing:

  2. If you need a good dwarf name generator, check this one out:

    It creates excellent given names for both males and females. It also allows you to not only create a surname, but to choose between “realistic” names (such as Agradak, Yamadur, and Moramek) and more generic “fantasy” names (such as Ironheart, Granitecrusher, and Orcbane).

    It has a ton of results, with very few throaway names… defintiely worth a look.

  3. These names… There okay i guess. BUT THERE ALL TAKEN!!!

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