I admit, I am one of those who knew nothing of Warcraft before playing WoW. Frozen Throne, Reign of Chaos … I was clueless. My knowledge of the Warcraft universe and its lore was weak. I had considered buying Warcraft III and playing it through to gain a better understanding. However, that seemed too timely a venture.

Thankfully, Phlare posted on Warcraft Movies all the cut scenes from Reign of Chaos, and its expansion, the Frozen Throne, giving us a background of what had been going on in Azeroth, and setting up WoW. In total there is about four hours of movies. Parts 1-5 are from Reign of Chaos, and 6-9 are Frozen Throne. I recommend downloading them and watching as it is next to impossible to read most of the text on the streamed versions.

These movies have many lore elements in them that will come into play in Wrath of the Lich King, including burning of Stratholme (which will be a CoT instance) and how Prince Arthas became the Lich King.

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