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Noxn – Leading Arena Spriest
October 31, 2007

Noxn of Mannoroth-US is currently the top ranked (worldwide) shadow priest in 2v2 arenas. Obviously, he is an extremely talented player. He made a PvP video this past August called Noxn: Chapter 1. It has some 1v2 arena play, and his 3v3 arena team. It showcases some serious, serious skill and is filled with many “How is he not dead yet?!?” moments. The thing I respect the most about it is that this isn’t just a good PvPer picking on some unskilled players. This video shows some very tough match-ups against some serious opponents.

There is a thread on the WoW-US forums where he answers questions about PvP, as well as one on The most striking thing about Noxn is how classy he is. He is not only taking the time to answer other players’ questions (no matter how obvious or inane), he does so in a straightforward and modest manner. When was the last time you saw a top-ranked PvPer without the huge ego? Yeah, I don’t know either! In my opinion, this is what sets Noxn away from the pack, not his rating.

Oh, and be sure to check out the interview with Noxn at Kaex’s blog. Good stuff.

Edit (11/13/07): And if you want to see something awesome, check out his second video, Noxn: Chapter 2.