Two of a Kind

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but probably should: my boyfriend and I not only play WoW together, but we play as the same class in the same guild. We leveled 60-70 as shadow together, dinged 70 together, and had a great debate over which of us would be lucky enough to respec. holy. We’re both healers at heart, and favor playing healers in other games.

My boyfriend and I dinging 70 at the same time on our priests.

We wanted to be able to instance together, and two healers just doesn’t work in 5-mans. I had already started on my Primal Mooncloth and Whitemend sets, but figured I’d swap this priest to shadow since I had another 70 priest that I could swap to healbot, and this was his only priest (and only 70). Here we are a few months later, I’m still shadow and he’s still a healbot, and we’re both happy.

Okay, enough background. The story I wanted to tell goes as follows: Yesterday when I first got news of all the changes coming up in 2.3, I couldn’t wait to share the information with him. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Guess what!
Him: What?
Me: There is good news!
Him: Is this something to do with Warcraft?
Me: Yes! So, they just rolled out the patch 2.2 changes, and already we are getting word of what is coming in 2.3!
Him: And it’s good?
Me: Yep!
Him: Player housing?
Me: Better.
Him: Guild banks?
Me: Better! They changed Meditation.
Him: Oh?
Me: Yeah. It’s going to regenerate twice as much mana as it did before. THIR-TY-PER-CENT!
Him: Oh, that is better than player housing!

Yeah, you read that right. We both got excited over an increase in our mana regen.

I’m lucky to have him. I think there are a rare few people in the world that really could appreciate such a thing.