The Raid Smiter

Holy priest DPS builds have been around since Holy Nova was the 31 talent in the holy tree. Oddly, in the past two days, I have seen more posts the the WoW official priest forum asking about the raid viability of these “lolsmite” talent builds than ever before. As I stated in a previous post, it is theoretically possible with the presence of a delicate class set up, and some fairly high stats (over 1k +damage, 30% crit., etc.).

Well, Soulcorruptr of Laughing Skull gave it a go. He Smite DPSed a full Karazhan run.

I had previously postulated that the hidden utility that may make attempting such a thing worth it is the ability to heal without switching form. Soulcorruptr had a better thought about how this build best helped his raid:

One thing that Smite Priests definitely bring to a raid: embarassment. By the end of this Kara run, people were really starting to pop consumables and play a more alert game to avoid being “that guy who got out DPSed by a Smite Priest”.

I would never have guessed that by raiding as a holy smiter, you could increase a raid’s DPS a noticeable percent from risk of embarrassment alone.

Soulcorruptr says he hovered in the 2-3 spot on the DPS chart for the first few bosses. Given that:

  • His spec was non-optimal
  • He was working with the still broken (hopefully fixed with the patch tomorrow!) Surge of Light talent
  • He lacked the proper class balance to fully buff his DPS
  • He hit the threat ceiling

… There is a chance that this might be more viable than previously predicted.

I doubt it will ever become common, given its high dependence on other classes in order to perform, and the high amount of +crit needed from gear to optimize its DPS. However, I do think there is much more discussion and theorycrafting to come on this.

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  1. I’ve been a fan of this blog for a long time. I’m glad you covered the Surge of Light build.

    I’ve been raiding as a Surge of Light Priest since 3.0.2 dropped. I’ve discovered how rare it is to have a group that will respect the damage I can bring to the raid. In fact, I’m asked to heal most of the time. When I am allowed to let loose, I’m able to surpass the damage totals I had as a Shadow Priest in the past. What do you think?

    Keep up the great work!

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