Van Cleef for Sheriff

Last week the boyfriend and I were driving through upstate NY near the western-side of Cayuga Lake. About 20 miles north of Ithaca we started seeing signs on the side of the road saying “Van Cleef for Sheriff”. This amused us greatly as not only are we huge Warcraft fans, but we also almost named our cat “Van Cleef” (a story for another day).

Apparently in Seneca County, NY, Louis Van Cleef, Sr. is running for the office of sheriff. He, according to what I found today, works as a licensed private investigator after retiring from the police force and, since he lost in the democratic primary, is running on the Common Sense Party line.

This is just one of those things that senselessly amuses me to no end. I wish this guy had a website that I could spread around, but alas, he does not appear to.

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