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Curse You, Whitemend!
August 28, 2007

head1.jpgThis is a screenshot of my little dwarf priestess wearing her healing gear. Nothing terribly notable about this, save the fact that her head peice seems to be originating from somewhere inside her head. This is her Whitemend Hood. The hood appears to be cutting straight through her hair and into her head. It just looks ridiculous.

Now, I know that this is actually reskinned priest Tier 1 raid gear (Circlet of Prophecy), so this model has been around for ages. Why is it still truncating the heads of female dwarves? I don’t need a lobotomy to heal.

I guess it could be worse. I mean, have you seen how badly male dwarves look in some head peices? I have seen their beards protruding straight through their head gear. (Also, on a more frightening note, male dwarves appear to have no necks.)

Today I was off-healing on some trash in a raid. My boyfriend was healing on his priest. We both have our Whitemend Hoods, except it doesn’t seem to be sticking through his head and hair at odd angles. No. It appears to be perfectly tailored to his Night Elf priest!

A few comparison shots:



I mean, just look at that. How perfectly does his Whitemend Hood just fit around his ears and ponytail? And how freakish is the angle that it is protruding from my little dwarf’s head? Not. Fair. It would be one thing if this was an exception to the rule, but ask yourself: When was the last time you saw a head peice that actually didn’t look bad on a female dwarf? I think I can count the examples on one hand.