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Tips for Netherwing Rep.
June 19, 2007

Only took a week! Yep, it was only a seven day rep grind for me.

A few tips for those who are interested in grinding Netherwing faction rep:

  • Be sure to do all the one time quests! Some of them start from drops from certain mobs.
  • Never hold on to a quest to turn in tomorrow. This seems obvious as many of these are daily quests, but even with the one-time quests turn them in as soon as you can. They tend to give good rep and some have easy follow-ups. Your goal is to get to the next rep stage as quickly as possible (since each rep level opens up more quest options for you!).
  • The racing quests are probably the toughest part and many people just skip them. I found them quite easy once I got the hang of it.
    • Unequip anything with durability while doing these. Keep your riding crop on if you have one.
    • If you are having trouble with a particular racer, just search for his name on YouTube. There are many videos that will show you the path of the racer.
    • Strafe back and forth (Q and E) or up (spacebar) and down (X) to avoid the bombs.
    • Putting a raid marker on the other rider may help you track them better.
    • If it isn’t already, increase the “Terrain Distance” in your video settings to be able to see farther.
    • Pressing Alt+Z will hide your user interface. You don’t need it while riding.
    • Try to stay above and behind the other rider. It lets you see his path better. I know it says “race”, but you do not have to finish before the other rider to win. Though for the last racer, he is very fast and if you can learn his path and stay ahead of him, then do it.
  • Bring a friend! Many of the quests go a lot easier with a friend. Plus, you will be doing this every day. It is nice having some company.
  • EGGS! Turning in eggs is the only thing that can be done as many times as you want each day (at 250 rep per egg!!!). They can be found:
    • As a random drop from any mob on Netherwing Ledge (1% drop chance).
    • As spawns on the ground anywhere on Netherwing Ledge, typically at the base of the crystals.
    • As spawns on the ground in the mine in Netherwing Ledge.
    • As spawns on the islands outlying Netherwing Ledge.
    • As drops from gathering Nethercite Ore or Netherdust Pollen (again, a 1% drop chance).
    • And, most importanly, all over Dragonmaw Fortress in Shadowmoon Valley (in buildings, behind Drake-Riders, next to drakes on the ground, etc). Most people don’t check this place, so be sure to check it periodically.

One question my friend asked me is why are there no female Dragonmaw orcs. I’m half tempted to ask a GM.